Monday, August 8, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects limited edition silkscreens - Brian Rivera - "Tyson"


This is the inagural print of our forthcoming series of original silkscreen from a different artists every month. This is July's 2011 print.

The artist is Brian Rivera. He is currently working towards his masters degree in architecture at Arizona State University. He graduated from the Escuela de Artes Plasticas in Old San Juan major in Graphic Design and a minor degree in paintng.

This print is from his series "Speeches of Shame". This work is titled "Tyson" after notorious and infamous ex-world heavyweigth champion Iron Mike Tyson. Tyson was one of the most controversial figures on the 1990's. He was loved by fans and feared by his opponents. Tyson had his share of problems outside the ring and in this series Brian Rivera explores the explotation of the media and idolization of a human being and their fall from grace, which most times ends up with a public apology or speech, therefore a "Speech of Shame" where this public figure must stand in front of the world and publicly admit (humiliating himself during the process) his wrong doing and his reasons.

The silkscreen is a 2 color print. One color shows the actual speech used by the public figure in his press conference. The other color shows part of the speech in another color which creates a shade of an iconic photograph of that public figure that anyone will recognize when seen from a distance.

Other works from the series "Speeches of Shame" include: Tonya Harding, Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Richard Nixon. Kobe Bryant and Bill Clinton.

Trailer Park Proyects Prints edition will be limited to 50, hand printed, hand signed in pencil and with the Trailer Park Proyects embroised logo on white hevay stock paper. These 50 will be sold on a first come first serve basis. To secure yours every month, you can join our personal sponsorship program where you commit to buy the print monthly, no matter the artists. You will pay $50 as regular cost and you will receive a silkscreen monthly from a different artist. I will ensure you receive the same serial number of the monthly print, this way you can have the same number each month a build a serial number collection.

Contact me if you would like to join the Personal Sponsorship Program. Paypal only Please.

Enjoy the Print...

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