Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Wheat – “Purple Buff” - Solo Exhibition at TPP

For the first time in Puerto Rico, Brooklyn, NY based artist Summer Wheat present her solo exhibition titled “Purple Buff”.  After a successful big format painting individual exhibition at Samson Gallery in Boston, Wheat will present a series of drawings created in 2009 all done primarily with purple marker on paper.

It’s the first time she will exhibit these drawings which as she explained are very special and was keeping them for her personal collection until she found this opportunity to show them altogether in a solo exhibition. All drawings are 8”x11” and will be priced at $300.


The artist explains:  “Drawing is an intimate process, to me; it is like psychologically undressing before the viewer.  My drawings are different from my paintings in the way they reveal messy content through clean simple lines. The process of making them is just as mysterious as the outcome. I pick out a colored pen, begin, and then I watch what is revealed to me, it is the best form of entertainment I have found”.

Wheat who recently earned her MFA from Savannah School of Art and Design, where she studied with Michael Scoggins which exhibited at TPP earlier this year.
Summer’s works on canvas are known for the expressionist figurative style painted with palette. The drawings are more minimalistic in nature achieving a line of characters and situations generated by a few pen strokes and a really busy creative mind.  To see examples of her works on canvas you can visit her website
TPP is very happy to be working alongside such an innovative artist whom is escalating the gallery circuit in the USA. Don’t miss the opportunity to own and original work of this up and coming artist which we are positive will explode in the next year or so do to her incredible works and work ethic.
We will be visiting college campuses and art schools during the month, follow us on facebook and twitter @trailerparkproj for the schedule. Opening will be at our headquarters in Rio Piedras Calle Balseiros #65 right besides El Refugio. Starting at 6:00pm
See you there.
To see the complete list of works available please visit our facebook page Trailer Park Proyects. Search photos the album named Summer Wheat.


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