Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ready for Scope Miami 2012

We are almost ready to depart to Miami Beach to participate in Scope Art Fair 2012.

After our participation in (E)merge Art Fair this October, we got an invite to Scope and after contributions from collectors and artists we will be able to make it. We have been assigned booth A05 at the Fair and we will be showing works from artists Melvin Martinez, Jason Mena, Omar Velazquez, Karlo Ibarra, Manuel Rodriguez, Rafael Miranda, Michael Scoggins, Aby Ruiz, Nelson Figueroa, Bobby Cruz and Ivan Girona. The booth is located in the 3rd booth after the main entrance on the right side.

Trailer Park Proyects would like to thank all the artists that are participating and collectors Rolando Jimenez, Ignacio Cortes, John Belk, Nilda Pico, Emilio Juncosa, Tito Feliciano, Waldemar Fabery, Lee Cardona and Ishi Rodriguez for their unconditional support to our project and their on going support of our artists.

We will set up on Sunday, Decmber the 2nd and be ready for the VIP opening on December the 4th.
Official fair opening for the general public will be on December the 6th.

Here are a few examples works from the artists we will exhibit, hope you love it as much as we do.

Hope to see you at Scope.

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