Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sebastian Vallejo's print - Es un peligro estar vivo.

This month is the turn of Sebastian Vallejo to present his limited edition silkscreen print. The print titled “Es un peligro estar vivo” was created in Vallejo’s unique style and sense of humor making reference to the Island actual state in regards of criminality. It’s a social call out to everyone which forces you to see the realty and calls out for everyone to be on the lookout because the way we are living anything can happen to you at any time. One of the colors used to create the work is silver making reference to the bling bling the underworld uses to position them and show their success within their peers. The print can be read as well if placed upside down making reference to the Island’s political and social situation which is as we say upside down.

Vallejo has a MFA from the Chicago Art Institute (SAIC) and moved to NYC afterwards. His works has been exhibited in Lloyd Dobler Gallery, Lehman Maupin and his solo show at Trailer Park Proyects titled “MarkMaking: Sketches from Bushwick” which were presented earlier this year.

The print is signed and numbered to 50 copies only and they sell at the usual price of $50. Make sure you get yours today before we sell them out. Call us at 787-409-6983 to reserve yours today.

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