Friday, November 4, 2011

TPP September Limited Edition Silkscreen by Radames Juni Figueroa

Well finally the September print of Trailer Park Proyects is ready. We had a bit of a delay in all the production due to the fact that my wife gave birth and I had to take a few days off to regroup one of the other set-backs was that Omar Velazquez the silkscreen printer had a few exhibition and had to finish a couple of works and time passes faster than we think. Either way this is our third official print and we hope you enjoy it.

This is the third official print designed by internationally known artist Radames Juni Figueroa. This month’s silkscreen print retakes the tradition of using this medium as a means of advertising as they did in DIVEDCO (Division para la Educacion de la Comunidad) they called it the Cartel. This was the way the Government announced cultural activities sponsored by the government for the entertainment of the masses. This has been used since the mid 1940 in Puerto Rico and lasted until the early 2000. Now this kind of propaganda is what we now call posters which they paste up all around the Island to advertise concerts and other events.

Juni Figueroa took the opportunity of his turn for the Trailer Park Proyects print to pay tribute and homage to that group of artist that used art to educate people and promote culture. Such artists as Jack and Irene Delano, Lorenzo Homar, Rafael Tufino, Tony Maldonado, Isabel Bernal, Manuel Hernandez Acevedo Luis Maldonado, Nelson Sambolin y Antonio Martorell among others. The book El Cartel from author Teresa Tio is a great guide to print making in Puerto Rico and has a great number of examples as well as the history and importance of the Cartel.

This print titled La Loseta, commemorates the year in review of alternative exhibition space La Loseta which is run by Juni Figueroa himself. This project which will only run for a year has been exhibiting works by different international and local artists like Adriana Lara, Esther Planas, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Jose Vera Matos and Bubu Negron. For more information you can visit their website in addition to the hommage and artist list, Figueroa has placed one of his famous drawings of his made up creatures.

Don’t miss out on this homage to the Cartel and buy yours now. They are only $50 and are numbered and signed by the artist.

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