Saturday, November 19, 2011

TPP @ Loiz-A-rte Community Art and Music Festival - Jason Mena "On the Move"

This past Friday November 18th, TPP participated with Jason Mena's solo exhibition "On the Move" at the fisrt Art and Music Festival Loiz-A-rte. This event was an iniciative of 5 students from the University of Puerto Rico whom got together and created the event as part of a class project. Their mission is to create a community event for the people at Calle Loiza and bring them all together through art and music. Congratulations to all of them for preparing this event and setting up everything from scratch.

This event is a result of the great effort that is being done in the Santurce area which consecuently is one of the area with the highest criminal rate. Alexis Bousquets has been producing the event Santurce es Ley for the past 2 years and it has become one if not the most impontant local community festival in the Island and with the event Loiz-A-rte we can see it's motivating a new wave of people to start doing the same for different communities.

TPP supported the event by presenting Jason Mena's solo show "On the Move" as part of our mission to take art to events where people of all ages can enjoy it. Jason was at the event explaining his work to the people and hanging out with other fellow artists.

Galeria Yemaya also presented works by Aby Ruiz which is the current exhibition going on at their space.

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