Thursday, December 29, 2011

Melvin Martinez's The Material - El Material de Melvin Martinez

Given the distinctive love for art that make people feel and gives you that satisfaction of wanting more, we have identified it as an addictive drug.  Most collectors buy pieces and given that the size of their homes and summer homes will not be able to fit all these works anywhere, but still, they keep buying because it gives them that feeling (high) which people get by owning something you want or in this case need.

El Material translates into The Material which is what drugs are called in the streets; these are sold at el Punto which coincidently translates to The Street corner which is the place where people go to buy drugs in a specific bad neighborhood location. This exhibition will show the correlation between art collecting and drug addiction. International renowned artist Melvin Martinez, who is known for the use of glitter in his paintings, will supply a limited edition of drug baggies filled with green (weed), white (cocaine) and yellow (heroin) glitter which is the recurrent and material the artist uses in his works and is known for.
You will have the opportunity to buy “Nickel Bags” which usually contain the desired “drug” at the market price of the drug at the moment which is $6. TPP management and fellow artists will be selling the $6 baggies at different exhibitions or hangout places at all time for a limited time to help carry out the project as a whole. The seller of the $6 baggie will get to keep $1 profit from the sale of each bag he sells as it is in real life.

There will also be a drug dealer delivery service, where collectors can call in and request for the dealer to deliver the “drug” to their house. There will be a minimum quantity to buy if you want it delivered to your home or office. This is a special premium service for exclusive and more discreet clients and the prices of the merchandise have an additional cost for the delivery.

Martinez will be known as the main supplier or drug lord and he will have different dealers who will carry around with them nickel bags of his works at all times for 2 months. The bags will labeled with artist Melvin Martinez logo and will be limited to 250 bags of each drug. The dealer will receive his share of the commission for the sale of each bag which is $1 per bag.  This will give an opportunity to everyone to buy this drug and as real life anyone can get it whether you are a homeless bum or the president of the biggest bank.

Collectors will have the chance to buy a brick which is basically buying in large quantities where usually this buyer divides the large supply in smaller quantities or decks for distribution and resell it to an end user for a bigger profit. The cocaine bricks will be limited to 10. These will come with a certificate of authenticity from Trailer Park Proyects and hand signed and numbered by the artist.

There will also be a limited edition of 3 briefcases which will contain various kilos of cocaine kilos. They will come in a hard case briefcase with Melvin Martinez Logo in glitter.  These will be available through the gallery and will come with a certificate of authenticity from Trailer Park Proyects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to score a great piece of art from a world renowned artist at a ridiculous low affordable price. The time has come for everyone and anyone to own an original work by one of our most beloved and respected young artist Melvin Martinez. Remember there are limited quantities of each baggie so make sure to get yours while supplies last.

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