Friday, December 2, 2011

October 2011 - Limited Edition Print by Rafael J. Miranda - La bola es redonda y viene en cajita cuadra

This month artist Rafael Miranda which is represented by Trailer Park Proyects and is also one of our master printmakers, presenst us with his work titled "La bola es redonda y viene en cajita cuadra".

This is a very well know saying in the baseball world. This phrase can also be applied to real life. It suggests different possibilities and strategies one can apply to in sports as well in life that halp us deal and reinvent ourselves in difficult times like these. The edition has 4 color variations which includes green, blue, red and yellow. This making the print a little more political by choosing the colors of the different political parties in the Island and the yellow which represents any new party that will be present on election day.

This makes a reference that we all have choices but no matter who wins we all lose because all politicians are the same and will look out for their jobs and salaries and won't care what happens to the people they should be representing and working for.

The silkscreen done with 2 colors each, has a very ingenious design where the typography of the letter make out the image of a small box with a circle which represents the square box and the round baseball referred to in the title.

don't miss out on this great print and get yours today. Only 50 are available and each one is signed and numbered individually by the artist.

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