Wednesday, February 29, 2012

January's Limited edition silkscreen print by The Stencil Network.

The new limited edition print which is assigned to the month of January 2012 (still behind schedule) was created by emerging urban artist Juan Ramon Gutierrez better known in the art scene as The Stencil Network.

In the tradition of the new wave of urban and street artists that have taken the art world by storm and infiltrated the fine art scene including galleries the most famous auction houses like Christie’s and Sotherby’s. Artists like Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, Barry McGee and Mr. Brainwash have been the talk of the town in the past few years. In part due to a new breed of young collectors and their love for the underground scene.
Stencil Network has concentrated to developing the stencil media throughout the Island and takes famous pop icons and photographs for his works making that connection to the hipster scene and young art lovers that much real. In the Facebook page: The Stencil Network, Gutierrez posts 4 different photos he selects and then he lets the fans decide which one he will work on next. This image was selected for his public art piece for Santurce es Ley art and music festival. It was painted onto the side of one of Osviarte’s Gallery trucks at the event.
Gutierrez likes to work with strong and emotional images or images that tell a story but most importantly images that let him tell the story through his art. He is currently presenting his first solo exhibition titled “The Stencil Network: Trabajos recientes de Juan Gutierrez” at C787 Studios in Miramar. There is a very large body of work exhibited and prices start at $50 for the smaller original stencils.
Gutierrez is about to move out to New York City to work the urban art scene and make his mark in the Big Apple. We at Trailer Park Proyects wish him and his family the best of luck and our unconditional support in his future projects.
Don’t forget to get this important work of his and his first silkscreen as well. Only $50 limited edition numbered and signed to 50. Enjoy.

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