Friday, February 3, 2012

New Print - Cohiben by Karlo Ibarra

Our new limited edition silkscreen print for the month of December 2011 (still late but trying to keep up) is by artists Karlo Ibarra. Exhibiting his first work since earning a first prize in the Costa Rica based Concurso de Videocreacion y Arte Digital 6th edition for his video titled “El Maquinista”.
It's horizontal but for some reason I just can't make it straight in the blog. Sorry.

This print titled“COHIBEN” is full of Ibarra’s usual socio-political message in it. Being the logo of the world known Cuban cigar Cohiba. Instead of saying Cohiba, the logo has been manipulated and has a play on words with the name of the brand being changed to COHIBEN which means to prohibit or restrict in Spanish. This making reference to the political embargo the country of Cuba has had from the United States of America since the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960’s, where no product made in Cuba is allowed to enter the USA. The absurd embargo still holds today and still the ones who are being punished are the American people because they are being prohibited of the famous taste of this world class cigar by their government politics.

In this new print Ibarra works on his well-known style of political art that after participating in Mexico’s art fair ZONA MACO landed him in the Cisneros-Phelps Collection. Ibarra which is quickly becoming internationally as one of our top rated artists has a solo exhibition scheduled at the Museum Show at the Costa Rica Art Museum later this year.
Hope you enjoy this silkscreen print and remember to get yours. They are signed and numbered to 50 by the artist. ONLY $50.

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