Monday, June 25, 2012

Solo exhibition by Sebastian Vallejo - "MarkMaking: Sketches from Bushwick" at Galeria Yemaya

After obtaining his MFA at the Chicago Art Institute (SAIC) in 2009, Sebastian Vallejo ( moved to NYC where he is currently living and working. His last 2 solo exhibitions: “Lux” in 2010 at Lloyd Dobler Gallery ( in Chicago and most recently “Methodic Chaos” at AREAMETRO in Puerto Rico. He is regarded as one of Puerto Rico’s most promising young artists. Vallejo also announce that he will be participating in the summer show of World renown Gallery Lehman Maupin which currently represents Angel Otero, Tracy Emin and other elite artists.

The exhibition titled “MarkMaking: Sketeches from Bushwick”, Vallejo presents 25 mixed media works on paper created at his new studio in Bushwick, NY. Drawings will be approximately 19”x 24” and will start at $225 each. The title “MarkMaking” comes from the necessity of the human race to document its cultures existence trough by leaving marks where they once inhabited. From the caves at Altamira to Pollock to Urban Graffiti Tagging most recently, drawing have been used throughout history to mark the path of this species or culture.

Make sure to visit the exhibition, check our Exhibition Calendar or contact us for information and appointments. Exhibition will run from July 3rd – July 31st. The opening will be held on Tuesday July the 3rd. at Galeria Yemaya located in the Avenida AndalucĂ­a at 7:30pm. Galeria Yemaya will also be opening its doors with their current exhibition, collective show “12x12”.

Vallejo will be at the opening so come and see two great shows in one day while having a chance of meeting the artist.

Here are some of the drawings that will be exhibited at the show. Go to our Facebook page to see all 20 drawings and get yours before its too late.

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