Monday, June 4, 2012

Tim Bergstrom's Imperfect Pearl Exhibition opening and Trailer Park Proyects 1st Aniversary party

This past June the 2nd in what marked our 1st year Aniversary as a Gallery Space, Trailer Park Proyects celebrated by throwing a big opening exhibition party and flew exhibiting artist Tim Bergstrom to present his solo exhibition Imprefect Pearl.

We parked the trailer in the driveway of Roberto Paradise Gallery located in Santurce. Free beer and Rum was handed out throughout the night and we had a great great time which concluded in our visiting artist missing his flight and just 8 hours of sleep in 80 hours.

Artist Tim Bergstrom with young collector Carlos Morales

At the bar early in the night

Tito Rovira, Abdiel Segarra and Jorge Gonzalez

It was a great honor showing Tim's work at the show and better yet everybody loving the work. We will coordinate a show for next year where we will hopefully show bigger scale paintings and drawings. Tim is deffinitively a rising star and we have demonstrated here in Puerto Rico that we will keep supporting his career as it progresses.

We want to thank everyone who has ever supported our project and all the artists for letting us have the privilege of showing their artwork. Sponsors: Puerto Rico Fine Arts Gallery, Chocolate Cortes, Benjamin Moore Paints, Collectors John Belk, Ignacio Cortes, Jose Hernandez Castrodad, Otto Reyes, Rolando Jimenez, Waldemar Fabery, Jaime Oller, Carlos Morales, Rafael Disdier, Ishi Rodriguez, Lee Cardona, Ingrid Colberg, Pancho Martinez, Rafael Tamayo, Johanna Estrella, Johan Vazquez, Erika Medina, Bryan Torres, Antonio Castro and all that have made this possible. Hope I can keep helping you guys buy great works from great artists and developing your collections.

Thanks to El Vocero and Johan Maldonado for publishing our press releases and Luis Trelles of El Nuevo Dia for following our progress and publishing some great press for us. Revista Latina American Art for helping out the younger artist and supporting thier works. Also Rafa from Radio Universidad for his everlasting support to our projects and to the art scene. Critic Pedro Velez for his support and webmagazines Conboca and Trance Liquido.

Here we come year 2. TPP will keep bringing local and international artist with top of the line contemporary art at affordable prices for anyone.

Thanks for the support.

TPP Crew

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