Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trailer Park Proyects present our new limited edition print by artist Aby Ruiz titled: “Agua hasta el Cuello”

This month Arecibo born artist Aby Ruiz has designed the TPP limited edition silkscreen (June). The print titled “Agua hasta el cuello” depicts the head of one of Ruiz’s well-known characters neck deep in water which is a metaphor for the current situation the people in Puerto Rico and other countries are facing on a daily basis.

Ruiz one again enlightens us with his sarcastic and ironic sense of dark humor where he uses his artwork to make show the observers some of the socioeconomically-political we are facing daily. The regular people are having a really hard time finding the money to keep up with the abuse of the government agencies and taxes they keep rising to stabilize the economy but at what cost. Working people are feeling the heat and that continuous sense of drowning and not seeing an escape to all the pressure from the bills and way of living.

This of course is a reflection on the local art scene where lots of young artists with enormous talent are struggling because of the economical downfall and the lack of initiative and help from the government which is treating the culture and arts as a secondary necessity. Ruiz left the Island on December 2011 but travels to the Island frequently and is very active in the local scene as he participates in collective shows around the Island and is eager to come back and see the Island emerge once again.

Aby a self-taught artist is very well respected among his colleagues and one of the people’s favorite artists for his direct approach and honest way of telling us the stories on his canvas. He has exhibited at the Museo de Arte de Caguas (MUAC), Museo de Arte e Historia de Arecibo, Galeria Yemaya, C787, Espacio La 15, Galeria 356 (closed) and Area Metro among others.

For more information on the artista and to see more of his Works please visit his website www.abyruiz.com. Remember this is a limited edition silkscreen print signed by the artist and numbered to 50. ONLY $50, get yours today.

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