Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ivan Girona's "Conglomeraciones Cinicas" solo exhibition at TPP NEW Trailer Facilities in Rio Piedras

Trailer Park Proyects has the pleasure to invite you to Ivan Gironas solo exhibition after a three year hiatus.  Girona will present 20 mixed media collages of his pop culture, erotic/ pseudo -porno series. This show responds to his highly successful praised style of mixed media paintings on plexiglas that were exhibited as part of a solo show in Circa 2008 and which landed him in Amanda Coulson's best in show at Circa 2007.
Girona, who is well known for his surreal drawings and paintings, has integrated this surreal world and it will be present in these new works. These collages were worked on Mylar P (a translucent paper) which give the artist the liberty to work on the front and back of the surface,  giving him an additional dimension and space that give these art pieces a depth and perception characteristic of his style. His inclusion of his trademark surreal characters gives the works a feel of intergalactic advertising.

This series portrays the hypocritical double standard of advertising and that fine line between sensual/sexual advertising and pornography. The works contain magazine cut outs as well as adult magazine cut outs. This fusion will make you rethink the concept of marketing and will help you see the regular ads in a completely different light.

The works are powerful and his sarcastic sense of humor where he uses our pop culture icons like Marypily and J-lo amongst others to mock the way products are market holding to no avail the importance of the product or its usefulness, but enticing of the semi-naked model they place on the ads to get the attention of the consumers. Sex sells and it is a very, very strong selling point since the heyday.

The works will be priced in the $150-$500 range. The exhibition will be up form August the 9th until August 31 at Trailer Park Proyects new stationary trailer located at Barrio Blondet in Rio Piedras, walking distance from the UPR main gate.  Calle Balseiros #65 right besides local student dive bar El Refugio. Call me to make an appointment at 787-409-6983 or see the photos of the all the works in our Facebook Page.

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