Monday, April 30, 2012

TPP @ La Trienal (Arsenal La Puntilla and La Perla)

TPP continued the La Trienal Poligrafica de San Juan opening tour. After a great opening at La Galeria Nacional we kept up with the remaining opening acts of the different venues that La Trienal has for the exhibition.

Saturday night we had a beautiful space right besides the pier in the patio of the Arsenal de La Puntilla. Our truck was located right besides the dinning tabels so we had a lot of traffic @ TPP. A big group of collectors, critics, artists and curators passed by to see our limited edition prints and Melvin Martinez's El Material exhibition on display.

It is a great honor for TPP and our artists to be exhibiting in such an important event and better yet to get props from artists from around the world for our efforts and the idea of bringing art to everyone and making it affordable. We are overwhelemed by their reactions and proud of our work.

At El Arsenal's Patio just before opening.
Artist/Art Critic Pedro Velez along Art Critic Manuel Alvarez Lezama
Artist Melvin Martinez with Art Critic Manuel Alvarez Lezama
While the crowds gathered to get some food and drinks, they stopped and looked at TPP.
We had a very busy night

Over 100 people walked in to see our exhibition.

On Sunday morning after a night of great art and hanging all night with visiting and local artists, Sunday had finally arrived. Time for the closing block party called El Caldo de La Perla created by artists and activist Edgardo Larregui with his project El Coco de oro.

There was live music, free seminars and arts and crafts classes for kids and adults and free Caldo de Pescao, Tour of La Perla with a stop at Chemi Rosado's El Bowl where kids of La Perla were swimming as well as a small improvised movie theater where local documentaries and short films were shwon including Christian Suau's Oso Blanco and the skateboarding documentary Ej.kei. This was a great family event where lots of tourists came down to see what was going on at La Cancha and stayed for a great afternoon of having fun.

Monica with a cup of Caldo de La Perla

Trienal director Marilu Purcel at La Perla

Group of atudents/young artists that were leading the arts and crafts section of the event.

The Fisherman hading out free Caldo

La Perla kids at El Bowl

Head up young kid showing off some diving skills

Community and visitors were hanging out at El Bowl. It's easy to see the importance of this public project funded by the artists and worked on with the community. No wonder Chemi is loved by the whole La Perla community.

Fisherman with Larregui cooking some Caldo for the event

TPP @ Calle Norzagaray. Trailer didn't fit throught the entrance of La Perla so we managed to take a prime spot right in front of the steps that lead to  La Cancha de La Perla.

We had a lot of traffic, mainly tourists that were walking towards El Morro and Old San Juan. We managed to send some down to La Perla which lter passed by again to thank us. Apparently the Trailer thing is very refreshing and lots of people comment on the creativity of the project. We were very happy to hear this from different poeple from around the world. We got visits from people from USA, Germany, Neatherlands, France, Venezuela, England and some other places. It was an amazing experience.

Rapper Yomo, Gave his time and talent to the people of La Perla. Free concert and great message for the kids about making Puerto Rico a big community not just yours. We are one as a whole.

Some actors of the reanactment of the battles of El Morro came over for drinks and music.

The view from La Perla. These people were enjoying the show but apparently were too lazy to walk downstairs to be at the Caldo de La Perla. No matter they were dancing and enjoying the music as well.

Edgardo Larregui, Yomo and my son Daniel hanging out after the performance.

We are really happy to be part of this event and we will continue to support all cultural events and try to get everyone involved in arts and community events to help make Puerto Rico a better and more cultured place.

thanks for coming out, see you at our next exhibition.

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