Thursday, May 3, 2012

TPP Presents: "Appendix" solo exhibition by Antonia Gurkovska

Antonia Gurkovska

Trailer Park Proyects is proud to announce Antonia Gurkovska’s first solo exhibition in Puerto Rico. Gurkovska (1984 – Sofia, Bulgaria) will be exhibiting a series of 14 new original drawings which will be priced between $300-$500 each, helping TPP maintain our mission of offering great works by great artists at an affordable prices.

Fresh off her solo exhibition at Chicago/Berlin based Kavi Gupta Gallery (, The Gupta show titled “Index” leads us to the title of this new exhibition “Appendix” which consist of a group of drawings created during the process of her large paintings created for her “Index” show. Antoniafinshed her MFA at the Chicago Art Institute (SAIC) in 2011 and after her solo show, her works were included as part of the Gallery’s exhibiting artists group at the Armory Show 2012.

The provocation for the works on paper stems from her interest in the painting process, and dependence and shift of meaning between the two “medias”. Translating painting strategies onto paper open up a various unexpected possibilities otherwise restricted or disguised on canvas which then find their way back into the paintings.

I heard of Antonia for the first time through SAIC graduate and New York based artist and good friend Angel Otero whose opinion on art I always respect. I looked Antonia’s works right after I finished the conversation and immediately fell in love with Antonia’s works. I was a bit bummed out that images of her works clearly showed texture and a different esthetic but the photographs didn’t translate well, even though they translated well enough for me to get really excited about doing a show at Trailer Park Proyects and after a couple of calls and befriending Antonia, here we are today.

Her work has been praised by critics and artists as well. They are created with vinyl, latex, packing material, found fabrics in mixed media with influences of the arte povera movement but with a different esthetic approach which makes her works truly original and unique. Her use of texture and painting makes her pieces a visual banquet to the spectator.

With some of our local top artists working along the Arte Povera movement, list that include Jorge Rito Cordero, Omar Velazquez and Jose Luis Vargas. Gurkovska’s works have a completely different look and feel as what we are accustomed to, when we hear or think of the Arte Povera. To see more of Antonia’s works, please visit her website and get a better feel of what her works look like.

The show will be traveling through college campuses around the metropolitan area with stops including the UPR Rio Piedras, Universidad del Sagrado Corazon, Universidad Interamericana, Escuela de Artes Plasticas de San Juan and selected art related activities. If you would like to see the exhibition you can email me at so we can coordinate a date.

See you at the show.

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