Sunday, May 27, 2012

Opening this Saturday June 2nd - Tim Bergstrom's Imprefect Pearl

This Saturday, June the 2nd, TPP will be having it's first official stationary exhibition opening of 2012. We will be parked at Roberto Paradise Gallery at Calle Hipodromo # 610 starting at 7:00pm.

It will be a special opening because we will have the artist Tim Bergstrom in person at the opening. He will be visiting Puerto Rico for the first time and certainly not the last. He will be here for the weekend and we are planing on giving him a tour of the Island during his 3 day visit. Thanks to Tito Rovira for providing the artist with shelter as we are all on a slim to none budget.

Bergstrom who has a MFA from the Chicago Art Institute (SAIC), He is coming fresh of his first NYC show at Halsey McKay Gallery where the critics have been more than generous. You can see more of Tim's works at his site or view his current exhibition at

Here is a small write up of the series we will be presenting at this TPP solo exhibition titled:

"Imperfect Pearl"

"Within the soft tissues of a shelled mollusk, pearls are created. The bulbous forms on the glound paintings appear pregnant with an unknown force pushing a protrusion to the surface of a biological structure. With the thin sinewy detail of line and the lifted dramatic ridges of these paintings, there is a strong resemblance to the qualities of the Baroque painting and architecture. Considering the Baroque, which literally means “imperfect pearl”, and drawing from the decorative aspects of pearls used in jewelry, I wanted see if I could marry the qualities of the “glound” paintings and the decorative together. Starting from an elemental place, graphite on paper, I hoped to create a dissonance birthed from the innards of their parental paintings."

Personally, I've been following Tim's career and collecting his works since his MFA days and now that I have my own space, I will be able to show everyone in Puerto Rico his great works. I remember the day Angel Otero recommended Tim's work to me and reading a great review by Art Critic Pedro Velez of one of his shows as a student. As time has passed we have kept in touch and working together and this Saturday we will finally inagurate the show we have always been planning since we met for the first time.

We are very pleased and excited with the works we will be showing and are positive hat the response to his works will be great as usual. It's really great to be able to exhibit works from artists from around the world and keeping the prices affordable for anyone who loves the work. The works are mixed media on paper and will be starting at $250 each. There is a small quantity of drawings available so make sure to get yours ASAP.

After the opening, we will be taking Tim to hang out in Old San Juan where we will be going bar hopping so he can see for himself, that we really have an endless selection of bars around our loved capital. Everyone is more than welcome to come hang out with Tim, TPP Crew and the Roberto Paradise Gallery Staff as well. It will be a long, fun night which we remember (maybe not) for the ages. Hope you can join us.

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