Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trailer Park Proyects presents “Messengers” by Maja Ruznic

Trailer Park Proyects is proud to announce the first solo show of Bosnian-Born (1983) and San Francisco based artist Maja Ruznic. The individual show titled “Messengers” will open on August 9th at TPP home base in Rio Piedras, calle Balseiros #65 right in front of El Refugio at 6:00pm. The exhibition consists of a series of 10 paintings on paper which will range in between $225-$500. Ruznic got her MFA at California College of the Arts in 2009 and was featured in the cover of New American Paintings Magazine issue #97. Ruznic last exhibited with San Francisco based Michael Rosenthal Gallery at the collective show titled “Active”.

The paintings are records of people and events where every person and every event are important. As an observer, actor and a witness, Ruznic uses her painting as a medium to explore notions of intimacy and connectedness. Sometimes she is drawn to someone’s hands, to one’s rhythm of speech or to someone’s constant checking of their cell phone.

Relying on the memory of an experience, the artist paints what she remembers and also what is unknown to her. In the act of painting, the capricious nature of memory distorts the truth and the painting becomes something else—something in between the actual experience and her recollection of the event.

Nonetheless, the contemplation of the person or the event-- through the act of painting--is what is most important. In a world where nothing seems to last very long and more and more of our experiences are virtual, as an artist Ruznic is interested in the pyscho-physical relationship between those people she meet and herself. Painting serves as a platform to reflect and observe the nature of memory and its impact on the present.

If you would like to see more of Ruznic’s works you can visit her website or if you want to see the works that will be exhibited in the Trailer go to our Facebook page and look in the photos album titled Maja Ruznic – Messengers.

Follow us on twitter @trailerparkproj and on instagram: TrailerParkProj for updates and location of the exhibition. To see all the works that will be exhibited at TPP please visit our Facebook page in the photo section search the folder named Maja Ruznic.

As usual we will visit the Universidad de Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras), Universidad del Sagrado Corazon in Santurce and the Escuela de Arte Plásticas in San Juan to show art students what is happening in the different art scenes around the world.

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