Monday, October 15, 2012

TPP @ La Campechada 2012

Thia past October 12-14, TPP participated in La Campechada, which is an art festival which takes place every year at Old San Juan. This festival is named after the first Puerto
Rican painter Jose Campeche but was dedicated to master impressionist painter Francisco Oller.

Collector and Sponsor of TPP, Sr. Cortes and Alexis Figueroa, director of TPP.
We participated in the 3 day festival showing Anthony Giannini's solo exhibition "Sun and Bones Below" as well as the on going series of back-portraits done by Jesus Bubu Negron for only $20 each. Negron has taken this concept and performed it at Venezuela and USA. TPP will definitively take this project to the next level and will be presenting Negron's drawing perfomance in each one of our openings and possibly to every Art Fair or art related activity we participate in.

TPP was also exhibiting our 12 produced limited edition silkscreen prints at Taller Achiote (Formerly known as Taller Bija, Print shop of Luis Alonso, Rafael Tufino, Tony Maldonado, Rafael Rivera Rosa and other masterprinters). The studio has now been turned into an artist studio for artists Rafael Miranda, Omar Velazquez, Aaron Salabarrias, Angel Cardona and Filipo Tirado. This is where all TPP prints are produced. Remember all prints are signed and numbered by the artist for only $50 each.

The works were framed courtesy of one of our sponsors Osviarte (787-731-1072) whom frames these prints to anyone who buys them at under $35 pero print.

La Campechada was a great opportunity to show the works to a different audience and let everyone enjoy the pleasure of fine art. Over 250 people of all ages passed throught the exhibition. We are proud to have been part of such a great and well organized event which helps cultirize people with our traditions and local artists and artisans. Performances, dancers, installations and different kinds of art for everyone. Local artists giving free lessons on paintings and engravings to everyone who wanted to learn and live models for everyone to draw at anytime.

Even Calle 13 was filming his new video of which TPP and myself were filmed. Hopefully we make the cut and end up in the video. Artist Bubu Negron and Omar Velazquez were also filmed as well as our friend Chente better known as Fico Fronte.

We can't wait for next year to participate in this great event and keep provinding people good artwork for them to see. See you next year.

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