Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Herminio Rodriguez - El Caserio de afuera adentro - Solo exhibition - One Day Show Sept. 17, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects Presents: "El Caserio de Afuera Adentro" (The “Caserio” outside on the inside.)

A solo show by artist Herminio Rodriguez. One day show support on September 17, 2011 from 11:00am - 2:00pm only. Dont miss it. For directions call 787-565-0744. Address is Avenida Borinquen  2328 in Barrio Obrero near El Punete del Cano de Martin Pena.

The Trailer Park Proyects presents Herminio Rodriguez new installation exhibition titled “El Caserio de Afuera Adentro” where he will project the “Caserio” Fray Bartolome de las Casas (Public Housing Projects) in Barrio Obrero, Santurce.  The installation consists turning his studio into a huge “dark camera” where we will be able to see the “Caserio” (located right in front of the studio) projected upside down inside his studio.

“Caserios” which are better known in the US as “housing projects” or “favelas” in Brazil have been constantly growing to a point where we see one in every corner. This installation will provoke in us a feeling of being invaded everywhere by these public housing projects and make us understand that whether we like it or not, they are part of our daily lives and we have “Caserios” around us at all time.

The vision of Luis Munoz Marin ex-governor of Puerto Rico was to erect a public housing project right besides the wealthy and higher income housing in order to make people of all social classes live together in harmony. This was a failed utopic ideal which has created a sense of isolation within the middle income and the wealthy from the less fortunate citizens where they have had the need to build fences with barbwire and controlled access to prevent and lower the crime incidence in their living area.

Now the Island is filled with public projects all over has created a sense of fear and lack of personal space for the middle and high income population. As criminality rises consistently every year and corruption reports against the police and government become more common, the sense of security within the working people has absolutely disappeared.

“El Caserio de afuera adentro” is an installation where although it makes you feel like caserios are everywhere, it has a sense of security attached to it where it can be accept it without feeling insecure of being in danger of the social-economic situation the Island has been going through. It’s a feel good artwork where the working class is invading their space, because usually working class people will not go into a public housing project for fear of being robbed or killed.

This is a social critic work that aspires for this fears and elitism to disappear and promote harmony within all social classes. Also, it calls out on the criminal rise on the Island to a point where we feel insecure even in our own homes. Hopefully the crime incidence will be addressed by the police force and better measurements for security for the people will be implemented in order to assure a better way of living and we can progress and grow united as a country.

Exhibition will open on Satrurday September 17 from 11:00am – 2:00pm and will be available to see by appointment until September 30. Trailer Park Proyects will only be participating on opening day but will continue to cover and monitor this outstanding installation project.

See you there.

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