Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jazz Bandana live performance and new video presentation

Today Thursday September 8th. Local hip-hop artists Jazz Bandana performed at Trailer Park Proyects headquarters in Rio Piedras. With a no budget-budget for the launching of his new video, TPP's Jorge Rito Cordero opened the Trailer with Bubu Negron's Low Budget exhibtion going on and Jazz Bandana used theTrailer as the main stage and before a crowd of over 80 people, Bandana began his live performance at around 10:30pm.

Skateboarder and MC, Chagy Vargas also performed and exhibited his skateboarding videos and a community service video for young kids that shows the importnace of skateboarding and sports to school kids.

Don't miss Jazz Banadana's next performance at Santurce es Ley 3 this Saturday (might be canceled due to the latest hurracaine wathc for tropical storm Maria). Jazz Bandana will perform and have a choreographed and fully loaded stage for his first major presentation at SEL3 and don't forget to buy the new CD at TPP at $10. Remember to get your autograph on ou CD.

Don't forget to come by.

 The Stage and set up
 Still of the new Video
 The young crowd looking at the exhibition

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