Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects @ Santurce es Lay 3. September 17, 2011

Last Night TPP participated in the Mega event Santurce es Ley 3. This has now become the event of the year. Among 15 open Galleries, Alternative Spaces and Museums and with the support of the Municipality of San Juan this was bar non the event of the year so far.

Trailer Park Proyects presented for the last time the individual exhibition Low Budget by artist Jesus Bubu Negron. Over 600 walked in and visited TPP. It was great to see people not involved in the art scene directly asking and learning about our young artists.

Over 100 people bought tickets for the drawing where TPP will raffle an Original Drawing of their choice by the exhibiting artists Bubu Negron who was present at the event talking and meeting spectators. The winner will be announced tomorrow through Facebook page, Twitter and the official website.

Street Artist Aslan painted one of the sides of the Trailer Park Truck and the other side was painted by artist EKC4 and Bex 1 local graffiti legends. Thanks to them for showing the love and support to Trailer Park.

Trailer Park Proyects also presented the new local hip-hop sensation Jazz Bandana. The crowd was impressed with his performance which included pyros and other props including a sculpture of the head of puppet La Comay with blood on a plate just as the puppet presented the severed head of a murdered person at her prime time TV programming for the whole Family???? This is a boycott and a social critic on this malicious person who keeps polluting the minds of our people and our kids. Jazz Bandana finalized his performance with his new single "Tatuajes" and he got marked (tatooed) while singing the song on stage in front of the live audience. Representing.

TPP would like to congratulate everyone who made this great event possible specially to the organizer Alexis Bousquets and we are looking forward to next year and bringin you more cool projects that everyone can enjoy.

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