Saturday, September 17, 2011

Little situation going on with our Trailer...

Due to a mechanical problem with our Trailer, the physical structure of our Trailer will not be present at the photo installation "El caserio de afuera dentro" but we are still promoting the proyect and it is part of our exhibition roster. When the Trailer is fixed we will let you know so we can bring it to Herminio Rodriguez's studio and fullfill our presence at the exhibition.

Tried to rent one form a truck rental company but non were available in the 3 stores of Hato Rey, Catano or Carolina. Curator and writer Bianca Ortiz-Declet will be helping out at the exhibition and showing the work in case someone needs any help or explanation about the project.

Sorry for the inconvenience and I can tell you we are just as bummed out about this as anyone. Months prepering the exhibition and then the unexpected happens.

The exhibition is still opening at 11:00am and will run until 2:00pm as planned.

Hope to see you there. Don't miss this awesome exhibition.

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