Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rafael Vargas Bernard - 10 Minute Comission Challenge @ Artejangueo #4

For the first time at Artejangueo #4

Rafael Vargas Bernard - 10 minute comission challenge.

10 minute Commission Challenge is a participatory art piece which includes the buyer of an art object directly in the creation and pricing of the object in a novel and fun way. This piece is a relational art game with the intent to form a playful emotional bond between the buyer of an art object, the artist creating the object, and the object itself in a short period of time. The art buyer has the opportunity to commission a watercolor no larger than 9”x 9” providing whichever idea, theme, or subject they wish for $50.00. The commission is then executed in the presence of the buyer: if it is not completed within 10 minutes the buyer need only pay half the price for his commission.  10 minute Commission Challenge alludes to the interdependences between artist, art buyer, and art market.

Example of one of the works that will be created*

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