Thursday, May 2, 2013

TPP presents: Nicole Maloof's "Formation, Deformation and Formless"

TPP is proud to present the works of young up and coming artist Nicole Maloof. Nicole Maloof received her BFA from Boston University, and will be attending Columbia University’s MFA program starting in the fall. She has attended multiple residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, and received a Fulbright teaching grant that provided an opportunity to live and work for two years in South Korea. Nicole currently produces her work at the Slugfest Printmaking Workshop in Austin Texas.
Formation, Deformation, and Formless features new works on paper by Nicole Maloof. The show includes collage, drawing, and a larger selection of etchings. Inspiration for the imagery originates from a variety of sources, but comes together as form is dissolved, taken apart, and recombined to create an unsettling and ambiguous set of narratives.

Small marks conglomerate to create larger amorphous masses--clouds, smoke, crystal formations, and kudzu. Decomposition simultaneously occurs, with social norms unraveling and bodies falling apart or splitting open. Amidst the delicate line-work, a strange and unstable world emerges. Men give birth. Bears become prey. Symbols of wealth are met with disregard. This new world asks us to reconcile between these imagined visions and our own perceived reality. For more information on her work you can visit
Remember all works are under $500 as part of our mission to make great art available to everyone. We will be visting Colleges and Art Schools during the month, Check our Schedule for dates and times. To see hptos of all the available works please visit our Facebook page.
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