Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TPP @ Artejangueo 4 - May 30th

TPP will be participating at Artejangueo #4 on May 30th at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in Santurce.

We will be exhibiting the works of Bobby Cruz and his drawings of crushed cans, Rogelio Baez and his series of book paintings, Nicole Maloof's works which is the current exhibiting artist for the month of May at TPP and Rafael Vargas Bernard new performance titled "10 minute comission challenge" where the spectator will name a specific object and the artist will have 10 minutes to draw the comission in watercolor size 9"x9" for $50, if the artists can't finish the comission in 10 minutes or less, the work will be sold to the client at half price ($25).

We will also have the now famous GuggenSITO a public art piece by artist Eder Castillo which is an infalabel for people all ages in the fomr of Frank Ghery's Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. We will be selling commemorative silkscreens of El guggenSITO at only $40 which will help us bring the project to different communities around the Island as we have been doing since April. The artist will be at the event so you can get your silkscreen signed and dedicated to you on site.

Remember all works exhibited will be priced under $500 as part of our mission to make fine art afordable to everyone.

See you there.

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