Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TPP Announces Eder Castillo as the Artist in Residence for 2013

TPP would like to congratulate our new Artist in Residence for 2013, Mexican born and raised artist Eder Castillo 

Castillo will be staying 4 month in Puerto Rico taking his Public Art Piece El GuggenSITO troughout the Island free of cost. The artwork is a inflatable created in the form of the Guggenheim Museum of  Bilbao designed originally by Frank Ghery.

To have the GuggenSITO for a day you only have to email us at ederbeat@yahoo.com.mx  It is free of charge, the only thing you need is to email us asking to loan you the GuggenSITO and separate the date. If the date is available, we will confirm and we will bring it to your community and set it up for you guys. All the fun begins after that.

Castillo is a self-thought artist and curator who has been working with some of our artists and showing their works in Mexico and other latinamerican countries. He is a well respected conceptual artist who will be presenting the work not only in the different communities but at the Galeria Nacional, MAC, MAPR, UPR, EAP and giving lectures of his experiences with the work in different countries. After Puerto Rico the GuggenSITO will fly to Mayorca, Spain.

For us to be able to run the project we have produced a 2 color handprinted limited edition silkscreen print which will be sold at $40 to help us cover the expenses of this enormous project. Original drawing will be exhibited and sold for the same purpose.

We welcome Eder Castillo and are looking forward to working with him and making this great project a way to take a different kind of art to all communities.

Check out our Activity Schedule so you can get to jump in the GuggenSITO with your loved ones.

See you soon.

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