Wednesday, February 28, 2024

New TPP Limited Edition Print by Emanuel Torres

We are proud to announce our newest print release from artist Emanuel Torres titled Animazul. Emanuel is known for his abstracts works with sometimes opaque and sometimes bright vivid colors, he has clearly been influenced by Puerto rico's top abstract painters such as Olga Albizu, Luis Hernandez Cruz, Carmelo Fontanez and Julio rosado del Valle amongst others. His work is the continuation of a long standing tradition of great abstract painters.

He presented an amazing solo exhibition at el MadMi museum in Miramar and a dual show with Edra Soto at Latchkey Gallery in NY and simultaneously a solo show at the Clemente Soto Center. In 2018 he was the recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and is currently part of the Las Casitas de los Artistas community project in Bayamon, PR.

For more information please contact us

Emanuel Torres
Silkscreen on Paper 
Limited Edition #/50

Friday, November 17, 2023

TPP will be participating at La Cartelera 2 @ Publica Espacio on December 8-9-10, 2023

As part of our on-going mission to promote prints and keep adding to the rich tradition of poster history in Puerto Rico and Latin America, we produce prints from contemporary artists and sell them at affordable prices. We are committed to producing the print on the Island amid rising costs of production it is imperative we do everything in PuertoRico and have it be a 100% Puerto Rican product. Although prices have almost doubled after hurricane Maria devastating path, we are trying to adjust and keep the project going. 

La Cartelera is a super cool event in a flea market sale vibe that allows all the artist that work prints and on paper can just set a table and put their works to sell. No fancy set up, no costly booths, none of that crap, just a good old table with amazing art with a set up that permits lower prices for everyone. 

This year on Friday December 8, the event will be hosting 3 conferences FREE of charge for everyone. Starting at 4pm Gilberto Arias will be talking about Revolutionary Carteles de Izquierda and their historical context. Following will be a presentation of the new documentary by Amanda Alonso where she interviews print master Luis Alonso to who the event is dedicated (Luis Alonso will be at the event) and to close the conference cycle the headliner Dra. Teresa Tio the author of the book we call the bible of the industry El Cartel will be giving a lecture on the Cartel and the influence and importance of Luis Alonso in the history of the Cartel. This is a must attend event for anyone who likes carteles.

We will have a table selling our TPP Limited Edition Prints and we will be presenting a new release for the event. We will also be selling the La Cartelera 2 and La Cartelera 1 original posters. The event poster was designed by graphic artists Jesus Diaz, he is my favorite graphic artist and is responsible for all my logos including Trailer Park Proyects, Mi Primera Tacita de Cafe, Second Hand Gallery, La Cartelera 1 Poster in collaboration with Garvin Sierra, etc... The posters will be printed in limited quantities and we will have different color variations of the same design. You can also see the poster in the streets as part of the traditional wheat paste on the walls Santurce, San Juan and Rio Piedras.

Make sure to mark the date and come see us and all 40 tables of artists, dealers, galleries and affiliated colleagues from the art scene. 

See you there.

TPP photos of our booth at Arte BA 2014

 I never got to posting the photos of our booth at the Arte BA Art Fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina back in 2014. I had just moved to Chicago and as a small alternative gallery I had to do the impossible to make it happen. So much that I couldn't even make it there but was sure to send all the exhibiting artists and the show curator to make the trip so they could work on their careers and expanding their work beyond our Island. The team was curator Bianca Ortiz-Declet and artists Omar Velazquez, Karlo Ibarra, Sebastian Vallejo (did't make the trip) and Bobby Cruz.

I'm posting now cause I found the email with the pics they 9 years after the fair but as this website is to document the gallery's journey, it is important to post it and as they say better late than never. 

Here are a few pics of the exhibited works and some pics of the booth the day of the opening before doors opened. Thanks to all that helped and the artists for representing the gallery and Puerto Rico's art scene down in Argentina.

Booth Overall View

Omar Velazquez

Sebastian Vallejo

Karlo Ibarra

Bobby Cruz

Sunday, October 15, 2023

TPP Bichota Limited Edition Print by Chu

 As our print project goes forward in full throttle, we are trying to produce at least 1 print a month. As the project continues to evolve we are introducing designers, not exclusive fine artists, so we can also include some pop art artworks that react to our everyday cultural phenomena and situations we encounter in the newspapers and social media while having fun with not-so-serious art along the way. 

Our first designer Chu is a seasoned well-respected designer and a dear friend also known as my brother from another mother. He designs all my project logos including my Cabra Tours and the others which you can check out on my Instagram pages 





Bichota pint has been in the making way before the Barbie. Movie craze, It was thought after reggaeton artist Karol G introduced her worldwide hit song titled Bichota. Chu and I sit down or talk over the phone constantly thinking of cool designs to create and this one was a top priority yet because of budget restrictions I could not produce it before but with the announcement of the film premiere, I made a few moves to make it possible and get it out there as soon as possible to launch along with the movie's premiere all across the USA. 

This artwork is a homage to the feminist and woman empowerment movement that is heading in the right direction and we are happy to create this piece that shows support to this very needed and important movement that helps shape our society way better than the way it is set up.

It's a 3 color silkscreen printed by Laura, Oscar, and Steven at La Serigrafica print shop in Rio Piedras. 

The price for this print is $50 each or $65 shipped. This specific series of pop art designs we will try to keep at a price under $75. @laserigraficapr

TPP Jotham Malave - Limited Edition Silkscreen

Last summer we restarted our limited edition silkscreen project to keep the print alive as part of our long tradition of Carteles in the Island’s art history.

Our new silkscreen print is titled “No mas espera” and it depicts some figures struggling to survive as part of Malave’s ongoing series of Puerto Rico’s condition and how we as a country have to hustle every day to survive and as every day passes we encounter new problems being by forces of nature or by the corruption of the system but it never ceases to end. We go from survival mode to survival mode and have been living in these conditions for the past 75 years. 

Malave is a figurative art professor in Pennsylvania that has little by little at such a young age exhibited his works in solo exhibitions at some of Puerto Rico’s major museums and has had his works become part of some of the Island’s most important private collections.

Jotham Malave who just this past month moved back to Puerto Rico to become full-time resident of the Casita de los Artistas in Bayamon, Puerto Rico where the mayor has built a community for artists in residence where they select a handful of artists to have a studio and an apartment for a couple of years helping the artists develop and produce concentrating in their work and not having to worry about housing or studio rent. This is the most coverted residency program in Puerto Rico and one of the best programs I’ve ever seen helping struggling artists become focused and working on their careers and next moves and has proven to work perfectly as some of them have gained critical acclaim and pushed them to higher and better career moves in the international art world. 

We are very happy and proud of the result as this is a reminder we are survivors and is a way to commemorate our people's resilience every day.

The silkscreen was produced by La Serigrafica by printers Oscar, Steven, and Laura in their Rio Piedras Location. They have done a great job capturing Malave’s work with a single color. Amazing job.


Monday, June 5, 2023

Urban Canvas at Distrito T-Mobile - Saki Sacarello Dreaming the Dream and Pedro Velez Jardin Secreto Solo Exhibitions at TPP

This past May 26-28 of May, 2023, TPP had it's first physical in over 5 years working together with our sponsor Distrito T-Mobile for the Urban Canvas Art Festival. We were scheduled to have 2 trailers one for each artist but unfortunately one of the trailers were were going to get did not arrived so we had to improvise. Both artists came together to split the trailer we got because we all know the show must go on.

We had a lot of fun and had a new experience in a new environment of people who are not part of the art scene so getting people inside a gallery which is a term a lot of people don't know or understand was a challenge on day one. Lots of people looked intrigued from outside but were afraid to come in or didn't understood why we were there. We literally had to tell them it's open for you guys to see and talk. Things got better the second and third day of the show.

Funnest part was seeing kids look at the paintings, other telling their parents they wanted to go in and see but have their parents pull them away and not let them go in to investigate. Kids always have the best feedback, the most random comments and see stuff sometimes the artist nor myself see. Always love a different perspective and an honest point of view.

Loved seeing some of my long time sponsors and clients come around and the best part was my mom came over to see the show. After setting the show up, the artists and myself went to get coffee with and drinks with friends and collectors which is always fun. Saki and Pedro were on site all weekend for the pop up show and Saki brought his newborn on Sunday along with his family it was really a family oriented event and lots of families saw the show which is a big thing to me.

We also had artist The Stencil Network painting his gigantic mural which will be the centerpiece of Distrito's entrance to their premisses. The mural is still in progress but looks amazing and you can actually see it from across the bay in Catano.

We are very happy and proud to have had the chance to set up this show and we can't wait for next year were we are going to present for the Urban Canvas Festival.  I want to thank the Distrito T-Mobile staff as they went above and beyond to help and make sure we were well taken care off, it was a real pleasure working with you guys and hope we can do this again next year.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Trailer Park Proyects Presents: 2 Trailer, 2 Artists, 2 Solo Exhibitions - Pedro Velez and Alejandro "Saki" Sacarello


TTP is excited to announce that after a small hiatus we are coming back strong with two simultaneous solo shows in 2 trailers located at the Distrito T-Mobile adjacent to the Puerto Rico Convention Center. Pedro Velez and Saki Sacarello will each have up their individual shows. We will have 2 Trailers set up face to face at the entrance of Distrito T-Mobile (Toro Verde Entrance).


 "Jardín Secreto" - Solo Exhibition Pedro Velez

 Pedro Velez will have his first solo show titled: “Jardín Secreto”, His first solo show since 2020 when he presented “Emotional Hurricanes, Political Earthquakes, Quiet Protests, Neurotic Tweets” at Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas. Velez has just been awarded a NALAC fund for the arts grant to produce art in Isabela, Puerto Rico. He has a BA from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico and received his MFA at SAIC in 1999. Velez was included in the Whitney Biennial 2014, and the historical survey Net Art Anthology organized by Rhizome in 2019. In 2022 he was awarded a Kone Foundation Grant. Currently he is participating in “Arrivals and Departures: Migratory experience in Contemporary Puerto Rican art”, curated by Laura Bravo, at CUNY’s HEH Gallery in New York.

His work has always been controversial. Corruption, partisan politics, injustice, coercion and morality have been recurring themes in his work. In recent years his new body of paintings have been directly influenced by Pre Raphaelite collection of El Museo de Ponce and they encapsulate how our intimacy is disrupted and influenced by our identity, cultural heritage, political and digital selves. 



Dreaming the Dream - Solo Exhibition Alejandro Saki Sacarello

Alejandro "Saki" Sacarello presents his first solo show titled: "Dreaming the Dream". Sacarello graduated form the Escuela de Artes Plasticas in San Juan, PR. Soon after he developed his own alternative space named Amor Fuego (@tuamoryofuego) where he exhibited some of todays top latin american up and comers like Kivan Quinones, Emma Rivera, Angel Borroto, Alberto Zayas Montilla, Armig Santos to name a few.

Sacarellos works have always been fun and enjoyable as he presents us with typographical works that contain words or phrases that relate to our everyday life with thougths and ideas a lot of us have but never say out loud. The sarcastic and satirical undertone makes the works funny but more importantly they make you stop and think about the text inlayed in the canvas. As Sacarello has grown, I've seen his works mature with him. He just recently became a first time father. He brought life to earth and also lost someone really important in his life as well, which sparked an existensialism thought process that he has incorporated in his new works created for his show.



We hope you can all come and see these pop up shows that will be open to everyone on May 26-28 at Distrito T-Mobile.

See you there.