Sunday, February 9, 2014

TPP Presents: Ally White's - "Stuck Inside" solo exhibition.

Trailer Park Proyects is happy to present the first solo exhibition of Athens, Georgia based up and coming young artist Ally White. The show titled “Stuck Inside” Consists of 20 of her most recent works fresh of her 2013 BFA at University of Georgia where she was the recipient of the Presidential Scholar Award and the Mary Rosenblatt Scholarship.

White’s work was recently selected to be the front cover of New American Paintings issue 106 and she was selected as a “jury picks” for the book 100 painters of tomorrow a project of Beers Contemporary in London which showcases 100 young artists from all over the world. The book will come out later this year ( For more information on Ally’s work you can visit her website

“Stuck Inside” features paintings of imagined still lives and portraits that depict a vibrantly bored world. The works deal with the contrast in domesticity and exoticism – the yearning for something unfamiliar versus being content within home bounds. They are constructed with thoughts about suburbia, vacations, and interior spaces.

All the works presented are done in both painting and collage. The image emerges through a process of erasure, mending and embellishment of these materials.  We will be showing works ranging from $175-$500 in different sizes and will be taken to the UPR Rio Piedras and Escuala de Artes Plasticas in San Juan on February 13. It will also be presented at some point to the NADA members visit to San Juan, Art City of the Future during the same weekend.

For more information please call or contact Alexis Figueroa director of Trailer Park Proyects at 787-409-6983.