Sunday, January 8, 2017

Contestaciones - One day show in Honor of Papo Colo and collaboration with MoMa PS1

After a one year hiatus, Trailer Park Proyects is proud to present the collective exhibition Contestaciones (answers) which are a group of 12 works from different artists which are a direct resposnse to a socio-political problem happening at that space and time yet all of the works are relevant today as we can see that nothing changes.

We have been invited to be part of the activities celebrating and honoring Puerto Rico's leading performing artists and his long career which was presented at MoMa PS1 in 2016. Colo lived and worked in NYC for decades,  established himslef as one of the best artists of the performance artists and we are proud and happy his work is being shown to a larger audience.

Works from Carlos Raquel Rivera, Jose Rosa, Rafael Miranda, Karlo Ibarra, Omar Velazquez, Nelson Sambolin,  Aslan 1, Aby Ruiz, Jose ortiz, Carlos Osorio and Roberto Yiyo Tirado. The works were selected based on them being Editions (multiples) where they would reach more people. A lot of the exhibited works are Carteles which were propaganda that was pasted in walls (old school graffiti) for everyone and anyone to see.

This time we will be collaborating with Art gallery El Cuadrado Gris which opened their doors in time of need. Our Trailer is not working properly and even though we tried renting one, the rental company could not assure me a truck for the day of the event January 8th. So, Ozzie Forbes and curator Anna Astor Blanco invited me to exhibit at theor space by handing me on of their walls as they are also participating in the activity and have their own exhibit going on. A special shoutout to my always reliable friend and artist Rafael Miranda for helping me make this possible.

The works will be shown at 455 calle Tito Rodriguez (previously known as Calle 13) in Santurce Puerto Rico near La Casita Blanca Restaurant. For more information or to make an appointment please call Ozzie Forbes at 787-564-0423.

Exhibition will be up until March.