Sunday, November 10, 2013

TPP Presents: Ryan Travis Christian and Marcie Oakes exhibition "American Landscapes and Stuff"

This month TPP is proud to present the dual exhibition titled “American Landscapes and Stuff” of Chicago based artists Ryan Travis Christian and Marcie Oakes. Both have a BFA from North Illinois University and have been showing constantly around the USA.  Oakes has an upcoming solo show at the McHenry Community College in 2014 and Christian will have his own at Western Exhibitions in 2014.
Ryan Travis Christian

Ryan Travis Christian

Marice Oakes

Marcie Oakes

Oakes works colored drawings which depict landscapes and great depth and shades of colors that captivate the audience and within the abstraction makes you look and search for different forms and figures.  Although for this exhibition she will exhibit black and white paintings.

Ryan Travis Christian on the other hand is well known for his graphite drawings which depict his own fascinating world of illustration and abstractions along with his satiric/sarcastic insights. A really complex and creative imagery that is ever-changing that helps create and share with us, his own private Idaho.

For more information and to see other works from Marcie Oakes visit:

For more information and examples of Ryan’s work please visit:

The exhibition will run from November and extend until December 2013. We will visit our mandatory visits to the Escuela de Artes Plasticas and University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras Campus).  At Artejangueo 7 (Anniversary Celebration) on December the drawings will be shown alongside some of our other artists including, Nelson Figueroa, Jose Ortiz, Tim Bergstrom, Manuel Rodriguez, Omar Velazquez, Rafael Miranda, Sebastian Vallejo and others.

All works are priced at $500 or under. For inquiries please call Alexis Figueroa at 787-409-6983 or email us at

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trailer Park Proyects at Los Muros Habalan

TPP is proud to be a part of the world renown street art festival Los Muros Habalan. we were invited to be part of the event and we will be traveling around Rio Piedras and locate the Trailer where some of the murals will be painted for the festival.

We will be showing this months artist Nelson Figueroa and his show titled "Royalty" selected new drawings. Don't miss this amazing show where everything will be priced at only $200. All works are 22"x 30" and are oil, charcoal and spray paint on paper.

We are really happy to be part of this amazing festival that helps regenerate forgotten and abandoned public spaces.

Remember to follow us on twitter @trailerparkproj
Facebook: Trailer Park Proyects
Instagram: Trailerparkproj

Royalty - Recent Drawings from Nelson Figueroa

This month we are proud to present the new works on paper of Puerto Rico based artist Nelson Figueroa. Figueroa is currently finishing paperwork to begin his MFA at Brooklyn College in NYC. He graduated from the Escuala de Artes Plasticas in San Juan and had a solo exhibition of his pop paintings at Puerto Rico Fine Arts and collective shows at Liga de Arte de San Juan, Trailer Park Proyects in Puerto Rico and internationally in NYC and at Scope Art Fair in Miami. He is currently working for a show at NYC based Gallery Eachone which will consist of digital drawings.


“Royalty” is a series mixed media drawings that takes us back to the days of where the painters lived off doing portraits of the rich and famous in order to make a decent living doing what they loved.  Jose Campeche, Francisco Oller, Lopez de Victoria, Juan Rosado, Miguel Pou and most of the Puerto Rican masters had to do this to maintain a social status and a respect level in the high class society of their era. This is a practice that has been part of the art world since the beginning, not only in Puerto Rico but in every country that has had an art scene.
This series of Royalty portraits depict famous royalty personalities in an expressionist grotesque abstraction that redefines the idea of a commissioned portrait. We can observe Nelson Figueroa’s dark humor. Much alive today this tradition has not faded and members of the high society still commission portraits for their homes. This type of paintings maintain a standard of education, power, intellectuality and a level of culture mixed with a socialite standard which reinforces that the person painted was an “important and well known” member of his era’s society.
The exhibition will run through October at TPP, We will be participating all week from Oct. 7-11 at Street Festival Los Muros Hablan curated by Alexis Diaz from La Pandilla and organized by Buena Vibra Group, led by Yariely Rodriguez and Nicole Diaz. Check out the website and will be exhibit at Artejangueo on October 18th at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. Keep checking for our schedule of the exhibition. We will do our regular stops at la Escuela de Artes Plasticas, UPR Rio Pierdas and Universidad del Sagrado Corzaon art department.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TPP Presents: Francisco Moreno's "One Through Fifteen"

Yes, the sense of the everyday is embedded in the line work that make up numbers; an understood definition is rooted in the stark vertical line that makes up 1. The function of these symbols is to serve as answers but in these paintings the “problem” is one with no end. If Moreno is asking anything of this work, and I’m not sure that he is, he is asking the same question that he has been asking: what do I do today? How can I make this painting, now? The art historical references are direct in Jaspers long lived love of the ordinary. But if painting is anything is it not ordinary? The work is harmless in its banality but direct in its approach. What is Moreno to do? Count. What is Moreno to do? Paint. What is Moreno to do? Walk outside and feel the scorching sun on his face. It. Is. All. The. Same.

-          Arthur Peña is an artist and professor currently living and working in Dallas, TX

 Trailer Park Proyects is proud to present Francisco Moreno's first solo exhibition in Puerto Rico. Moreno was born in Mexico City, Mexico and currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas. Recent solo exhibitions include: Dormant Subversion, Oliver Francis Gallery, TX(2012). Las Noticias, Curbs & Stoops, NY (2012). Recent group shows include: Nine Artists, Blow Up Gallery, TX (2013), New Contemporaries, Rhode Island School of Design, RI (2012), Best of the North East MFA, The Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, Vermont (2012), Hecho en Dallas, Latino Cultural Center, Dallas, TX (2010); Francisco Moreno received his Masters of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design (2012) where he was awarded the highly selective Presidential Scholarship. In 2012 he was featured in Issue #99 of New American Paintings.


The exhibition will run through the month of September at TPP. We will be taking the exhibition around as usual and on our mandatory stops: University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras), Universidad del Sagrado Corazon and Escuela de Artes Plasticas. For more information on the dates, follow us on twitter, instagram and facebook.


Monday, July 8, 2013

TPP Presents: Philip Hinge's "Hive Minded"

This month TPP is proud to present Philip Hinge's first solo show in Puerto Rico titled "Hive Minded". The show consists of twenty, twelve-inch by sixteen-inch canvases, all done in acrylic. The paintings fluctuate between representation and abstraction, depicting a variety of scenes and moments. Some of the images deal with monumental shapes and patterns i.e. pyramids and the cosmos, while others deal with smaller more familiar scenarios such as domestic still lives and landscapes.


Hinge's paintings deal with paint as content and image as associative material, playing with the area between picture making and painting. "I think about my painting in terms of micro/macro. I consider the experience of looking at a painting as a depiction of an image as well as a culmination of strokes and colors". The paintings in "Hive-Minded"  make connections between disparate subjects to exploit the visual relationships between them.

Philip Hinge is a Richmond, Virginia based artist currently pursuing his MFA at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Hinge has previously shown in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Jersey City and Richmond. He has been featured in New American Paintings (issues #100 and #105) and is a part of D.C. based gallery, CONNERSMITH's *gogo emerging artists.

All paintings will be priced at $250. Make sure to take advantage of this great price for these amazing works of art. You can see the photos of the works in pur facebook page in the photyo album titled Philip Hinge "Hive Minded".

The exhibition will be taken around the usual places, for more information please on when and where we are going to be taking the Trailer Gallery please follow us on twitter @trailerparkproj, Instagram @Trailerparkproj or like our facebook page Trailer Park Proyects.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

TPP is proud to present Suzanne Broughel's “Bleach Bronzed”

Glittering self-tanning lotions, “nude” stockings, white-out, cotton twine – mundane materials from everyday life are what New York artist Suzanne Broughel uses to make works that question post-racial fantasies and colorblind dreams.   

 “Bleach Bronzed is Broughel first solo show at TPP and Puerto Rico in which she presents a series of small sculptures and works on paper that transform ordinary consumer items into reflections of our present moment: post Civil Rights, with the first Black U.S. President, yet still lacking the true equality striven for in the social movements of the 1960’s and 70’s.  Using materials found in the aisles of office supply outlets, dollar stores, and health and beauty chains, her references range from the free-flowing cultural appropriation of “hippie” and “New Age” styles to the stark cultural erasure inherent in gentrification.
In her “White Liberal Hustler Series”, she experiments with a tie-dye motif on folded paper featuring patterns made with her own fingerprint marks – hinting at self-implication.  In her fabric sculptures titled “Emancipate (Dreamcatcher Series)”, more traditional tie-dye techniques appear, delivered via decidedly non-traditional materials.  The fabric sculpture titled “How to Gentrify” is a study in bleaching out by way of discount store goods.

Suzanne Broughel’s work has been exhibited at P.S. 1/MOMA, Marlborough Gallery, The University of Memphis, Rush Arts Gallery, and Longwood Art Gallery, among other spaces. She was a 2008 participant at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and included in the Emerge 8 Program at Aljira Center for Contemporary Art.  Broughel is the recipient of fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts and A.I.R. Gallery, and was selected for the 2010 Triangle Artists Workshop.

The exhibition will open on June 13th at Calle Cerra #625 in Santurce. We will support the opening of Galeria 20/20 which will be exhibiting Tony Rodriguez first solo show titled "Pandamonium" starting at 7:00pm. TPP will be parked at Calle Cerra right besides the entrance of the Gallery. Works are priced in the $150-$500 range.
Check our Facebook page, follow on Instagram and Twitter for more info on the next stops of the exhibition.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rafael Vargas Bernard - 10 Minute Comission Challenge @ Artejangueo #4

For the first time at Artejangueo #4

Rafael Vargas Bernard - 10 minute comission challenge.

10 minute Commission Challenge is a participatory art piece which includes the buyer of an art object directly in the creation and pricing of the object in a novel and fun way. This piece is a relational art game with the intent to form a playful emotional bond between the buyer of an art object, the artist creating the object, and the object itself in a short period of time. The art buyer has the opportunity to commission a watercolor no larger than 9”x 9” providing whichever idea, theme, or subject they wish for $50.00. The commission is then executed in the presence of the buyer: if it is not completed within 10 minutes the buyer need only pay half the price for his commission.  10 minute Commission Challenge alludes to the interdependences between artist, art buyer, and art market.

Example of one of the works that will be created*

TPP @ Artejangueo 4 - May 30th

TPP will be participating at Artejangueo #4 on May 30th at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in Santurce.

We will be exhibiting the works of Bobby Cruz and his drawings of crushed cans, Rogelio Baez and his series of book paintings, Nicole Maloof's works which is the current exhibiting artist for the month of May at TPP and Rafael Vargas Bernard new performance titled "10 minute comission challenge" where the spectator will name a specific object and the artist will have 10 minutes to draw the comission in watercolor size 9"x9" for $50, if the artists can't finish the comission in 10 minutes or less, the work will be sold to the client at half price ($25).

We will also have the now famous GuggenSITO a public art piece by artist Eder Castillo which is an infalabel for people all ages in the fomr of Frank Ghery's Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. We will be selling commemorative silkscreens of El guggenSITO at only $40 which will help us bring the project to different communities around the Island as we have been doing since April. The artist will be at the event so you can get your silkscreen signed and dedicated to you on site.

Remember all works exhibited will be priced under $500 as part of our mission to make fine art afordable to everyone.

See you there.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Limited Edition Print - Jonathan Torres - KISS me.

After a few months of hiatus on our print project due to the lack of materials sold in the Island, we finally got some green film for the production of our hand cut limited edition silkscren prints.

This month NYC based artist Jonathan torres who has just finished his painting MFA at Brooklyn College, presents his works titled "KISS me". This is a very personal print from a date the artist went on that involved a bunny, a concert by acclaimed rock band KISS and a kiss.

Torres is currently showing his second solo exhibition titled "Cody" at Roberto Paradise Gallery in Santurce. The exhibition contains large format paintings and his infamous sculptures. You can also see one of his works which is currently being shown at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de PR in Santurce as well. The exhibited piece is part of the Museum's permanent collection.

Torres is one of this generation's rising stars and has been presenting his works at various art fairs with great results and favorable critics. His peculiar style of painting which incorporates his dark themes and a whole lot of layers of paint creating this thick layer that makes it uncomfortably appealing and beautiful.

Prints are hand printed and limited to 50 copies signed and numbered (in the back) for only $50. Don't miss the chance to get this awesome print from this up and comer in the art scene.

Contact Alexis Figueroa by email at or at 787-409-6983 to reserve your print.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TPP at Loiza 2050. Tomorrow May 8th at 6:00pm

Tomorrow we will be parked at new Pizza Place Loiza 2050. New place of artist Celso Gonzalez and his partner. There will be 2 exhibititons running. One at Loiza 2050 with an all female roster including Nube, Admin Torres, Dialma Talavera, Shanti Ramos, Patricia Esperanza, Daniela Rosello, Dimaris Cruz, Odalis, Laurie, Veronica Rivera and others.

At TPP we will be presenting the female roster of Admin Torres, Gabriela Nieves, Barbara Diaz, Maja Ruznic, Karla Wozniac, Antonia Gurkovska and this month artist Nicole Maloof with her amazing new etchings and collages of her solo show Fromations, Deformations, and Formless.

All works are prized under $500.

Doors open at 6:00

See you tomorrow

Trailer Park Proyects at 2nd Feria de Arte y Diseno at La Galeria Nacional

This past weekend, TPP participated in the 2nda Feria de Arte y Diseno at La Galeria Nacional. This initiative of Galeria Nacional and her director Marilu Purcell and her staff has been a blessing for many young and established artists and designers who have amazing works and few places to show it off.

With Circa Art Fair disapperaing and Art Galleries closing due to the economic situation we are very fortunate to have this opportunnity to take art and design and make it available and accessible to new crowds and young collectors.

This second edition was an overwhelming success. First one was during the fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian where huge crowds were expected and recieved. The second edition of the event was set for May 4th and 5th and even though we know people come where good deals and works are shown and offered, we at TPP never expected the huge crowd of art and desgin lovers that made it in the 2 day event.

We hope there is a 3rd and 4th coming up soon because we are ready to show more great art and new artists. This is a great way to get young people into collecting and supporting local artists and designers.

This edition El GuggenSITO inflatable public art piece by mexican artist Eder Castillo was exhibited and proved to be the best in show. Kids and adults of all ages were having a great time at jumping all day. Kids were happy, parents were happy because they  had time to see the works while the kids played. It was an amazing experience to see how art can change the dynamic of an entire event.

Great food and coffe at great prices and everything ran perfectly.

Thanks to everyone who made it and for all the love and support shown.

TPP Announces Eder Castillo as the Artist in Residence for 2013

TPP would like to congratulate our new Artist in Residence for 2013, Mexican born and raised artist Eder Castillo 

Castillo will be staying 4 month in Puerto Rico taking his Public Art Piece El GuggenSITO troughout the Island free of cost. The artwork is a inflatable created in the form of the Guggenheim Museum of  Bilbao designed originally by Frank Ghery.

To have the GuggenSITO for a day you only have to email us at  It is free of charge, the only thing you need is to email us asking to loan you the GuggenSITO and separate the date. If the date is available, we will confirm and we will bring it to your community and set it up for you guys. All the fun begins after that.

Castillo is a self-thought artist and curator who has been working with some of our artists and showing their works in Mexico and other latinamerican countries. He is a well respected conceptual artist who will be presenting the work not only in the different communities but at the Galeria Nacional, MAC, MAPR, UPR, EAP and giving lectures of his experiences with the work in different countries. After Puerto Rico the GuggenSITO will fly to Mayorca, Spain.

For us to be able to run the project we have produced a 2 color handprinted limited edition silkscreen print which will be sold at $40 to help us cover the expenses of this enormous project. Original drawing will be exhibited and sold for the same purpose.

We welcome Eder Castillo and are looking forward to working with him and making this great project a way to take a different kind of art to all communities.

Check out our Activity Schedule so you can get to jump in the GuggenSITO with your loved ones.

See you soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

TPP @ Feria de Arte y Diseno at La Galeria Nacional 4-5 MAYO at La Galeria Nacional in San Juan

TPP will be exhibiting the works of all our artists during the second edition of FAD at Galeria Nacional in Old San Juan. We will be exhibiting alongside over 30 galleries, alternative spaces and artists during the weekend long fair.

We will also bring a selection of Carteles from the DIVEDCO as we are trying to keep the Cartel tradition alive trough our silkscreen print project with printers Omar Velazquez and Rafael Miranda.

AT the Center of the Galeria Nacional, we will have the GuggenSITO a public art piece from Mexican resident artist Eder Castillo which is an inflatable in the form of Frank Ghery's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. This piece is for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Bring your kids, parents, friends, pets, alien, anyone is welcome.

We will be selling a special silkscreen print edition of the GuggenSITO to collect funds for the transportation and care of the piece which will be in Puerto Rico until the month of July for the enjoyment of the people. Print is a 2 color silkscreen print limited to 50 and will be sold at $40. Eder Castillo will be at event if you want to sign it and get it dedicated and help out the project run.

Operating Hours are from 9:30am until 6:00pm and entrance and inflatable are free of cost.

Come see the best young artists and designers in Puerto Rico in the same place at the same time. Can't miss event. See you there.

TPP presents: Nicole Maloof's "Formation, Deformation and Formless"

TPP is proud to present the works of young up and coming artist Nicole Maloof. Nicole Maloof received her BFA from Boston University, and will be attending Columbia University’s MFA program starting in the fall. She has attended multiple residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, and received a Fulbright teaching grant that provided an opportunity to live and work for two years in South Korea. Nicole currently produces her work at the Slugfest Printmaking Workshop in Austin Texas.
Formation, Deformation, and Formless features new works on paper by Nicole Maloof. The show includes collage, drawing, and a larger selection of etchings. Inspiration for the imagery originates from a variety of sources, but comes together as form is dissolved, taken apart, and recombined to create an unsettling and ambiguous set of narratives.

Small marks conglomerate to create larger amorphous masses--clouds, smoke, crystal formations, and kudzu. Decomposition simultaneously occurs, with social norms unraveling and bodies falling apart or splitting open. Amidst the delicate line-work, a strange and unstable world emerges. Men give birth. Bears become prey. Symbols of wealth are met with disregard. This new world asks us to reconcile between these imagined visions and our own perceived reality. For more information on her work you can visit
Remember all works are under $500 as part of our mission to make great art available to everyone. We will be visting Colleges and Art Schools during the month, Check our Schedule for dates and times. To see hptos of all the available works please visit our Facebook page.
Hope you can make it.



Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TPP @ Santurce es Ley 4 - Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday the 7th

Announcing that TPP will be participating as usual at Santurce es Ley independent artist festival produced by my collegue and friend Alexis Bousquets aka Clandestino director of C787 Studios.

This year he has taken this festival to a whole new level. Starting by making it a 3 day event. 2 at Cerra street and closing at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico on Sunday.

Murals have been painted by over 20 artists including internationals D*Face, vhils and Pixel Pancho which have been the talk of the town and my favorite project so far Semilla Urbana where artist Fabian Rey took an abandoned lot filled with rocks, and trash and turned it into a agricultural heaven for the community planting trees and plants that will give food to the community. among the trees plantes are mango, chinas, acerolas, carmabola, papaya, cafe and other, come by to see it develop as it will be a intervention that will take a while to become a reality, all depending on the community's love to the place.

We will be present at the event right besides the main stage and will exhibit a collective show of one work of all artists that have exhibited at TPP since it started. It's my way of saying thanks for supporting my project and my vision for the art scene. I truly appreciate working with artists of your caliber and look forward to working with you for years to come.

also we are part sponsor of our artist Jazz Bandana who will perform once again at this event. Make sure to be at the show as he is coming with new stuff and will kill it. Also watch out for artist Alfonso Simonpietri.

I will publish the complete list of artists that will be exhibited tomorrow in our FB page, Twitter and Instagram. Artist Karla Wozniak whom is currently showing her work will have a bigger space and more of her works. She visited us last week for the opening and we are really excited to show her awesome work.

See you during the weekend.

Thanks for everything to all of you, without you there would be no TPP.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Karla Wozniak's - "Blue Highway" solo exhibition. Opening Tomorrow March 27th


Blue highway. Purple sky. Green clouds. Yellow arrows in a gray parking lot. Driving home through the orange fog, we see the Smoky Mountains. Lights fall on asphalt, cutting across kudzu-strangled trees. An illuminated sign nestled between strange bulbous figures beckons us; a road sign points the way. Time is passing, the light is changing, the weather is unpredictable. Something is happening in the hills. Things are heightened, magical, foreboding. East Tennessee breathes; it dreams.

Trailer Park Proyects is proud to present Blue Highway, an exhibition of works on paper by the Knoxville, TN-based painter Karla Wozniak.  The places depicted in these works are unstable, vacillating between the mundane and the fantastical. As the viewer muses from a car window, the sky and ground run together. Tethered to the ground, we find ourselves in the clouds.

Karla Wozniak received her MFA from Yale University and her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Her recent exhibitions include a solo show at the University of Vermont’s Colburn Gallery, Burlington VT(2013), and the Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco (2011). Recent group exhibitions include Decade, Gregory Lind Gallery (2012), Bronx Calling, Bronx Museum of Art, Bronx, NY (2011); Weasel, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX (2010). Wozniak’s distinctions include a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (2011), participation in the Marie Walsh Sharpe Space Program (2009-10), and two MacDowell Colony Fellowships (2005, 2007). Her work has been noted in a number of publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Houston Chronicle, the Village Voice, and the Huffington Post. Wozniak is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
TPP will be parked outside Roberto Paradise Gallery at Calle Hipodromo #610 in Santurce from 7:00pm.  Rboerto Paradise will be opening the solo show "It'll be Alright" from artist Autsin Eddy and we will be presenting the works of Jason Karolak as well. A great day to see great art. Karla Wozniak will be present at the opening so if you want to meet her and talk about her work, you have to be here tomorrow.
Karolak's and Wozniak's works will fluctuate between $100-$500.

Sebastian Vallejo's print - Es un peligro estar vivo.

This month is the turn of Sebastian Vallejo to present his limited edition silkscreen print. The print titled “Es un peligro estar vivo” was created in Vallejo’s unique style and sense of humor making reference to the Island actual state in regards of criminality. It’s a social call out to everyone which forces you to see the realty and calls out for everyone to be on the lookout because the way we are living anything can happen to you at any time. One of the colors used to create the work is silver making reference to the bling bling the underworld uses to position them and show their success within their peers. The print can be read as well if placed upside down making reference to the Island’s political and social situation which is as we say upside down.

Vallejo has a MFA from the Chicago Art Institute (SAIC) and moved to NYC afterwards. His works has been exhibited in Lloyd Dobler Gallery, Lehman Maupin and his solo show at Trailer Park Proyects titled “MarkMaking: Sketches from Bushwick” which were presented earlier this year.

The print is signed and numbered to 50 copies only and they sell at the usual price of $50. Make sure you get yours today before we sell them out. Call us at 787-409-6983 to reserve yours today.

Friday, March 15, 2013

TPP awarded Chicago Community Trust through the Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture (IPRAC) Chicago

Trailer Park Proyects is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Chicago Community Trust trough the Institution of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture (IPRAC) in Chicago.

TPP will be running our projects in the city of Chicago from March until the month of October. We will be exhibiting artist from Puerto Rico and introducing them into the Puerto Rican communities in the city of Chicago so the people can learn more about the artists from the Island. It's a great way to connect our art with the Puerto Ricans who live in Chicago and keep the roots of that community with the Island.

Artists will exhibit at the Trailer and a small room in the IPRAC simultaneously and the exhibiting artist will be giving a workshop for the community. This will help the viewers understand the artists works and methods of working as well as create a bond with the artist and the Puerto Rican roots.

The opening of the first exhibition will be held on March 15th and will feature the work of co-founder Jorge Rito Cordero. We will have on display our limited edition prints as well as documentation of the project working in the Island. After the opening we will hit the road and visit some schools in the community, galleries and museums.

This is a great way to promote the project our artists. Other artists that will be exhibiting are Rafael Miranda, Omar Velazquez, Admin Torres, Aby Ruiz, Quintin Rivera Toro and a few more. Please keep checking the site and our facebook page for updates and opening dates.

Visit the Facebook page Trailer Park Proyects, IPRAC Chicago
(!/pages/Trailer-Park-Proyects-IPRAC-Chicago/422719211143530?fref=ts) for updates and photos of the progress of the project and LIKE the page to help us spread the word. Also, LIKE the IPRAC official page so you can see what's going on during the year in the Chicago Puerto Rican arts community.

We are very very happy to be part of this grant and are happy that we will work together with the IPRAC and the City of Chicago to expand our coulture and our artists.

Hope everyone in Chicago shows up to support a great collaboration and learn more about your artists.

Friday, March 8, 2013

TPP Presents: Roberto Marquez and Janelle Wisehart's: Works on Paper/Stories on Paper

This month TPP is proud to present the dual exhibition: "Works on Paper/Stories on Paper" of local artist Roberto Marquez and american artist Janelle Wisehart. The exhibition will consits of around 20 drawings on paper in different sizes.

Marquez and Wisehart are both persuing their MFA at Univesity of South Florida where they met and became friends after seeing each others works which are much alike in the language but it's really amazing that tow complete stranges were studying in the same class, same school and have similar ways of thinking and expresing their thoughts in their work

I've known and worked with Roberto for a couple of years and have seen his work evolve and develop troughout the years. Janelle I met about 4 years ago when she appeared in the curated magazine New American Paintings where I saw her work and purchased one. I belive her work has become mature, sarcastic, and with her sense of satire which has always been present.

The exhibition are an inner look into the world of these great young artist and the stories each of their characters has to tell. We are basically in the outside looking into the their world and situations without them knowing we are watching.

Using humor as the main and most important part of the work, we can see the different themes they present: rebellion, sexuality, fetishes, political, sical networks, religion, art history. Theses drawings are part of an exploration of the human behavior where we can easily relate to and become part of the character's world.

All works are priced under the usual $500 with most rangeing in the $100-$250 range. To see all available drawings that will be exhibited please visit our Facebook page Traler Park Proyects.

TPP is also exhibiting New York based artist Jason Karolak as well during this month.

We will be visiting the Escuala de Artes Plasticas on Tuesday March 12 and the University of Sagrado Corazon adn Universidad de Puerto Rico on Wednesday March 13th.