Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rafael Vargas Bernard - 10 Minute Comission Challenge @ Artejangueo #4

For the first time at Artejangueo #4

Rafael Vargas Bernard - 10 minute comission challenge.

10 minute Commission Challenge is a participatory art piece which includes the buyer of an art object directly in the creation and pricing of the object in a novel and fun way. This piece is a relational art game with the intent to form a playful emotional bond between the buyer of an art object, the artist creating the object, and the object itself in a short period of time. The art buyer has the opportunity to commission a watercolor no larger than 9”x 9” providing whichever idea, theme, or subject they wish for $50.00. The commission is then executed in the presence of the buyer: if it is not completed within 10 minutes the buyer need only pay half the price for his commission.  10 minute Commission Challenge alludes to the interdependences between artist, art buyer, and art market.

Example of one of the works that will be created*

TPP @ Artejangueo 4 - May 30th

TPP will be participating at Artejangueo #4 on May 30th at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in Santurce.

We will be exhibiting the works of Bobby Cruz and his drawings of crushed cans, Rogelio Baez and his series of book paintings, Nicole Maloof's works which is the current exhibiting artist for the month of May at TPP and Rafael Vargas Bernard new performance titled "10 minute comission challenge" where the spectator will name a specific object and the artist will have 10 minutes to draw the comission in watercolor size 9"x9" for $50, if the artists can't finish the comission in 10 minutes or less, the work will be sold to the client at half price ($25).

We will also have the now famous GuggenSITO a public art piece by artist Eder Castillo which is an infalabel for people all ages in the fomr of Frank Ghery's Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. We will be selling commemorative silkscreens of El guggenSITO at only $40 which will help us bring the project to different communities around the Island as we have been doing since April. The artist will be at the event so you can get your silkscreen signed and dedicated to you on site.

Remember all works exhibited will be priced under $500 as part of our mission to make fine art afordable to everyone.

See you there.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Limited Edition Print - Jonathan Torres - KISS me.

After a few months of hiatus on our print project due to the lack of materials sold in the Island, we finally got some green film for the production of our hand cut limited edition silkscren prints.

This month NYC based artist Jonathan torres who has just finished his painting MFA at Brooklyn College, presents his works titled "KISS me". This is a very personal print from a date the artist went on that involved a bunny, a concert by acclaimed rock band KISS and a kiss.

Torres is currently showing his second solo exhibition titled "Cody" at Roberto Paradise Gallery in Santurce. The exhibition contains large format paintings and his infamous sculptures. You can also see one of his works which is currently being shown at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de PR in Santurce as well. The exhibited piece is part of the Museum's permanent collection.

Torres is one of this generation's rising stars and has been presenting his works at various art fairs with great results and favorable critics. His peculiar style of painting which incorporates his dark themes and a whole lot of layers of paint creating this thick layer that makes it uncomfortably appealing and beautiful.

Prints are hand printed and limited to 50 copies signed and numbered (in the back) for only $50. Don't miss the chance to get this awesome print from this up and comer in the art scene.

Contact Alexis Figueroa by email at or at 787-409-6983 to reserve your print.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TPP at Loiza 2050. Tomorrow May 8th at 6:00pm

Tomorrow we will be parked at new Pizza Place Loiza 2050. New place of artist Celso Gonzalez and his partner. There will be 2 exhibititons running. One at Loiza 2050 with an all female roster including Nube, Admin Torres, Dialma Talavera, Shanti Ramos, Patricia Esperanza, Daniela Rosello, Dimaris Cruz, Odalis, Laurie, Veronica Rivera and others.

At TPP we will be presenting the female roster of Admin Torres, Gabriela Nieves, Barbara Diaz, Maja Ruznic, Karla Wozniac, Antonia Gurkovska and this month artist Nicole Maloof with her amazing new etchings and collages of her solo show Fromations, Deformations, and Formless.

All works are prized under $500.

Doors open at 6:00

See you tomorrow

Trailer Park Proyects at 2nd Feria de Arte y Diseno at La Galeria Nacional

This past weekend, TPP participated in the 2nda Feria de Arte y Diseno at La Galeria Nacional. This initiative of Galeria Nacional and her director Marilu Purcell and her staff has been a blessing for many young and established artists and designers who have amazing works and few places to show it off.

With Circa Art Fair disapperaing and Art Galleries closing due to the economic situation we are very fortunate to have this opportunnity to take art and design and make it available and accessible to new crowds and young collectors.

This second edition was an overwhelming success. First one was during the fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian where huge crowds were expected and recieved. The second edition of the event was set for May 4th and 5th and even though we know people come where good deals and works are shown and offered, we at TPP never expected the huge crowd of art and desgin lovers that made it in the 2 day event.

We hope there is a 3rd and 4th coming up soon because we are ready to show more great art and new artists. This is a great way to get young people into collecting and supporting local artists and designers.

This edition El GuggenSITO inflatable public art piece by mexican artist Eder Castillo was exhibited and proved to be the best in show. Kids and adults of all ages were having a great time at jumping all day. Kids were happy, parents were happy because they  had time to see the works while the kids played. It was an amazing experience to see how art can change the dynamic of an entire event.

Great food and coffe at great prices and everything ran perfectly.

Thanks to everyone who made it and for all the love and support shown.

TPP Announces Eder Castillo as the Artist in Residence for 2013

TPP would like to congratulate our new Artist in Residence for 2013, Mexican born and raised artist Eder Castillo 

Castillo will be staying 4 month in Puerto Rico taking his Public Art Piece El GuggenSITO troughout the Island free of cost. The artwork is a inflatable created in the form of the Guggenheim Museum of  Bilbao designed originally by Frank Ghery.

To have the GuggenSITO for a day you only have to email us at  It is free of charge, the only thing you need is to email us asking to loan you the GuggenSITO and separate the date. If the date is available, we will confirm and we will bring it to your community and set it up for you guys. All the fun begins after that.

Castillo is a self-thought artist and curator who has been working with some of our artists and showing their works in Mexico and other latinamerican countries. He is a well respected conceptual artist who will be presenting the work not only in the different communities but at the Galeria Nacional, MAC, MAPR, UPR, EAP and giving lectures of his experiences with the work in different countries. After Puerto Rico the GuggenSITO will fly to Mayorca, Spain.

For us to be able to run the project we have produced a 2 color handprinted limited edition silkscreen print which will be sold at $40 to help us cover the expenses of this enormous project. Original drawing will be exhibited and sold for the same purpose.

We welcome Eder Castillo and are looking forward to working with him and making this great project a way to take a different kind of art to all communities.

Check out our Activity Schedule so you can get to jump in the GuggenSITO with your loved ones.

See you soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

TPP @ Feria de Arte y Diseno at La Galeria Nacional 4-5 MAYO at La Galeria Nacional in San Juan

TPP will be exhibiting the works of all our artists during the second edition of FAD at Galeria Nacional in Old San Juan. We will be exhibiting alongside over 30 galleries, alternative spaces and artists during the weekend long fair.

We will also bring a selection of Carteles from the DIVEDCO as we are trying to keep the Cartel tradition alive trough our silkscreen print project with printers Omar Velazquez and Rafael Miranda.

AT the Center of the Galeria Nacional, we will have the GuggenSITO a public art piece from Mexican resident artist Eder Castillo which is an inflatable in the form of Frank Ghery's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. This piece is for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Bring your kids, parents, friends, pets, alien, anyone is welcome.

We will be selling a special silkscreen print edition of the GuggenSITO to collect funds for the transportation and care of the piece which will be in Puerto Rico until the month of July for the enjoyment of the people. Print is a 2 color silkscreen print limited to 50 and will be sold at $40. Eder Castillo will be at event if you want to sign it and get it dedicated and help out the project run.

Operating Hours are from 9:30am until 6:00pm and entrance and inflatable are free of cost.

Come see the best young artists and designers in Puerto Rico in the same place at the same time. Can't miss event. See you there.

TPP presents: Nicole Maloof's "Formation, Deformation and Formless"

TPP is proud to present the works of young up and coming artist Nicole Maloof. Nicole Maloof received her BFA from Boston University, and will be attending Columbia University’s MFA program starting in the fall. She has attended multiple residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, and received a Fulbright teaching grant that provided an opportunity to live and work for two years in South Korea. Nicole currently produces her work at the Slugfest Printmaking Workshop in Austin Texas.
Formation, Deformation, and Formless features new works on paper by Nicole Maloof. The show includes collage, drawing, and a larger selection of etchings. Inspiration for the imagery originates from a variety of sources, but comes together as form is dissolved, taken apart, and recombined to create an unsettling and ambiguous set of narratives.

Small marks conglomerate to create larger amorphous masses--clouds, smoke, crystal formations, and kudzu. Decomposition simultaneously occurs, with social norms unraveling and bodies falling apart or splitting open. Amidst the delicate line-work, a strange and unstable world emerges. Men give birth. Bears become prey. Symbols of wealth are met with disregard. This new world asks us to reconcile between these imagined visions and our own perceived reality. For more information on her work you can visit
Remember all works are under $500 as part of our mission to make great art available to everyone. We will be visting Colleges and Art Schools during the month, Check our Schedule for dates and times. To see hptos of all the available works please visit our Facebook page.
Hope you can make it.