Friday, July 9, 2021

ESCO - Limited Edition Print

After a few years of hiatus on the project, we decided to restart our limited edition prints and the first print is finally here.

Gerardo Cloquell (ESCO) is a graphic designer, muralist and creator of some of the best drawing in the Island. His precise line and minimalist color palette make contemplating his complex works a mindblowing experience. He is part of El Corografico with whom he has travelled the world exhibiting their art and leaving their mark.

The print titled “Allá por la serranía” which was a design idea he had for a long time in his haed and never had the opportunity arise to work on it. It was inspired by the fauna of Puerto rican country farms and features a rooster which is one of the most popular animals in our culture. An animal that can be both docile or a fighting machine which used to be a national sport it is also the team name and the logo of the University of Puerto Rico. 

As usual prints will be hand printed this time by a new generation of printmakers Kristal Juan and Fraixa Albizu we are very excited to be working and collaborating with them as our new master printers and look forward to creating new awesome prints with them.

Prints will be an edition of 50 with 5 Artists Proof

Unfourtunately the art materials costs keep rising. I have had to price the new series of prints at $80 each instead of our regular $50. Again art materials have doubled in the past few years and this was in part why the limited edition prints project was placed on hold but I feel the need for great artwork at affordable prices is something that is always needed in the art scene.

Hope you love this print as much as I do.