Saturday, November 19, 2011

TPP @ Loiz-A-rte Community Art and Music Festival - Jason Mena "On the Move"

This past Friday November 18th, TPP participated with Jason Mena's solo exhibition "On the Move" at the fisrt Art and Music Festival Loiz-A-rte. This event was an iniciative of 5 students from the University of Puerto Rico whom got together and created the event as part of a class project. Their mission is to create a community event for the people at Calle Loiza and bring them all together through art and music. Congratulations to all of them for preparing this event and setting up everything from scratch.

This event is a result of the great effort that is being done in the Santurce area which consecuently is one of the area with the highest criminal rate. Alexis Bousquets has been producing the event Santurce es Ley for the past 2 years and it has become one if not the most impontant local community festival in the Island and with the event Loiz-A-rte we can see it's motivating a new wave of people to start doing the same for different communities.

TPP supported the event by presenting Jason Mena's solo show "On the Move" as part of our mission to take art to events where people of all ages can enjoy it. Jason was at the event explaining his work to the people and hanging out with other fellow artists.

Galeria Yemaya also presented works by Aby Ruiz which is the current exhibition going on at their space.

Friday, November 4, 2011

TPP September Limited Edition Silkscreen by Radames Juni Figueroa

Well finally the September print of Trailer Park Proyects is ready. We had a bit of a delay in all the production due to the fact that my wife gave birth and I had to take a few days off to regroup one of the other set-backs was that Omar Velazquez the silkscreen printer had a few exhibition and had to finish a couple of works and time passes faster than we think. Either way this is our third official print and we hope you enjoy it.

This is the third official print designed by internationally known artist Radames Juni Figueroa. This month’s silkscreen print retakes the tradition of using this medium as a means of advertising as they did in DIVEDCO (Division para la Educacion de la Comunidad) they called it the Cartel. This was the way the Government announced cultural activities sponsored by the government for the entertainment of the masses. This has been used since the mid 1940 in Puerto Rico and lasted until the early 2000. Now this kind of propaganda is what we now call posters which they paste up all around the Island to advertise concerts and other events.

Juni Figueroa took the opportunity of his turn for the Trailer Park Proyects print to pay tribute and homage to that group of artist that used art to educate people and promote culture. Such artists as Jack and Irene Delano, Lorenzo Homar, Rafael Tufino, Tony Maldonado, Isabel Bernal, Manuel Hernandez Acevedo Luis Maldonado, Nelson Sambolin y Antonio Martorell among others. The book El Cartel from author Teresa Tio is a great guide to print making in Puerto Rico and has a great number of examples as well as the history and importance of the Cartel.

This print titled La Loseta, commemorates the year in review of alternative exhibition space La Loseta which is run by Juni Figueroa himself. This project which will only run for a year has been exhibiting works by different international and local artists like Adriana Lara, Esther Planas, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Jose Vera Matos and Bubu Negron. For more information you can visit their website in addition to the hommage and artist list, Figueroa has placed one of his famous drawings of his made up creatures.

Don’t miss out on this homage to the Cartel and buy yours now. They are only $50 and are numbered and signed by the artist.

Jason Mena is "On the Move" Solo Exhibition at Trailer Park Proyects

Today we will be wxhibiting at Art and Muscia Fextival Loiz-A-rte in Loiza Street in Santurce since 5:00m. Free music and family envinronment. Don't miss out this great event.

In On the Move emerging artist Jason Mena shows us over 60 different photographs taken during the past years while being ‘on the move’ from country to country exhibiting his work. The photographs are experimental process-based pieces taken by the artist during his international travels while wandering the city by foot; capturing the objects, actions and situations that provoked his curiosity. It is the artistic process that most artists never get to show and most people never have the chance to see; images that provide us with a privileged and highly personal insight into the creative mind of the artist.

Since these photographs do not have a specific methodology and were not developed as part of a series, it is very difficult to exhibit them in a conventional setting. For this reason, these works were selected to be shown at Trailer Park Proyects. TPP is also on the move, making it the ideal environment for this type of work.

Mena is quickly becoming the next great artist to come out of Puerto Rico. His non-stop work ethic and constant search for an increasingly impressive new series is affording him the opportunities to thrive within the international art scene. This might be the last chance you have to acquire Mena’s work at a reasonable price.

· Constantly traveling around the world for shows, residencies and projects, Mena’s artistic career has recently taken off. He has exhibited his work at ARCO (Madrid, Spain) and ZONA MACO (Mexico City, Mexico), and had a solo exhibition at Galeria Luis Adelantado in Valencia, Spain. Selected exhibitions and residencies include: Luis Adelantado Mexico Inaugual Exhibition,“We have as much time as it takes,” Wattis Institute, San Francisco, California, “Foto Imagen” the Biennale of Photography, Dominican Republic, “SF Tropical” at Queens Nails Projects, San Francisco, California,

Residency at Hotel Charleroi, Belgium and Residency at Centro ADM, Mexico DF.

For more information on Jason Mena’s work visit his website

Upcoming exhibitions:

· Solo Exhibition at Galleria Eventinove – Torino, Italy

· Solo Exhibition at Luis Adelantado – Mexico

· Artist in Residency at Area Lugar de Proyectos – Caguas, Puerto Rico

Photos of the works that will be exhibited will be posted on our Facebook Page: Trailer Park Proyects. Go to our photos section and look for Jason Mena - On the Move.

Most of the exhibited photos will be edition of 3, signed and numbered by the artist. Size of all photos is 8"x12". Price will be $300 framed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today in El Vocero write up of Jason Mena's new exhibition at TPP titled On the Move

Today's El Vocero published a write up of our current exhibition On the Move by artist Jason Mena. Page 7 of the Habitat section November 3rd. Pick up a copy and ready this great article.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TPP @ the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC)

On November the 2nd TPP assited and participated at the opening reception of the exhibition Foto MAC at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico. We will be exhibiting Jason Mena's new exhibition On the Move where there will be over 40 photos in small format of his works.

Thanks to director of the Museum Marianne Ramirez who invited us to participate at this importnant exhibition and to the Museum staff. The Museum is currently exhibiting acclaimed and famed photographer David Lachappel's retrospective which is awesome.

Collector Otto Reyes
Collector Jose Hernandez Castrodad
Collector Victor Tomassini
Curator Lilliam Ramos
Director of the MAC Marianne Ramirez

Don't miss the oportunity to see 3 great exhibitions in one night and one place. Thanks for the invitation to participate at this great opening and to all collectors, curators and everyone for stoping by to see the exhibition.

Congratualtions to the winner of Foto MAC, Herminio Rodriguez artists that was featured in TPP last exhibition. For more information on some of his works you can email me.

Prices are set at $300 for a signed photo edition of 3. All photos are 8"x12" and framed by our sponsor Osviarte.