Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects at Santurce es Ley 3

This september 10th, Trailer Park Proyects will be participating in the event Santurce es Ley 3. It will be the closing of the Low Budget Series by Bubu Negron. We will be parked in the main area. Look for us and get your $100 drawing before it too late. Check out our Facebook page so you can see the available drawings and reserve yours today.

We will be doing a raffel for one Bubu Negron drawing of the Low Budget Series at the event. Tickets will be at $3 each and the drawing will take place at Santurce es Ley and winner must be present at the time of the drawing to collect the prize.
The winner will have his choice of selection of the drawing from the exhibition. Visit the Trailer so you know which one you like. You can buy multiple tickets so let me ask you this: Do you feel lucky, punk?

For more information on Santurce es Ley 3 check out the local newspaper and the webpage here you can see the set list and the participating galleries, artists and projects that will be happening.

See you there.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Special Offer from our Sponsor OSVIARTE to frame TPP Prints

Our Sponsor OSVIARTE, located in Ave. Emiliano Pol #270 (Near the Interamerican University in Cupey) has agreed to give all Trailer Park Proyects supporters a special fixed price on the framing our Trailer Park Proyects limited edition prints. The total price including IVU will be $30 when paid cash.

This will inclued the framing with glass and a small matboard. It will be a pre-selected wood frame. You can always upgrade the framing for a small additional cost.

Call today 787-731-1072 ask for Irma and make an appointment to get your Trailer Park Proyects print framed today.

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Article on newspaper El Vocero

Today August 19, 2011 local newspaper El Vocero published an article featuring this months slikscreen limited edition print by artist Brian Rivera. Article is located on page 7 of the Habititat supplement seccion. If you already own this print, go buy a copy and keep the page as documentation for your print.

If you have not bought the print, email us and get one today. They are only $50 each and limited to 50 prints.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects visits El Museo de Arte de Ponce...

Last Wednesday August 10, 2011 Trailer Park Proyects moved for the first time out of the metropolitan area and drove down to the city of Ponce to visit El Museo de Arte de Ponce and collector Rolando Jimenez who is also the owner of Puerto Rico Fine Arts Gallery and sponsors of Trailer Park Proyects.

Although it was a slow and hot journey and with no radio or A/C unit on the Truck, artist Rito Cordero and myself managed to have a great time on our way there passing time singing accapella out loud and talking art all the way. We took photos and video of our beautiful Island that you will be able to see more of on our Facebook page. Please feel free visit the FB page and give it a like.

When arriving as a surprise to El Museo de Arte de Ponce which has been completely renovated and is looking absolutely stunning from the outside and has a new sculpture of Roy Lichtenstein on the front entrance garden which gives the Museum a fresh look.

I went in and asked for the cheif curator Cheryl Hartup to meet us down there so she could see the project. She was in the middle of a meeting and we had to wait a while but knowing we came from San Juan to show this project to the people and the Museum employees, she came down to greet us as soon as she finished that meeting. We are very happy and grateful she could see us on no-notice and without an appointment. Mrs. Hartup came to see the project with assistant curator Arlette de la Serna and exhibitions coordinator Rachel Mohl.

They were very surprised by the visit and were very excited about the project. We are trying to work out some apperaences of Trailer Park Proyects at some of the upcomming exhibitions the Museum in the near future and we are looking forward to it. Remember one of our missons is to show young art to everyone and we know if the scene supports each other we will grow together and help the scene become stronger.

Some people that were visiting the Museum came on board to see the exhibition. It was a real treat to see people who would not usually go to an exhibitions to come in and enjoy it and ask about the artist and his career.

Afterwards we visited collector Rolando Jimenez at his home and he greeted us with pizza and a tour of his house and his great collection which is rapidly growing and becoming rock solid with works of young artists like Allora & Calzadilla, Jose Lerma, Angel Otero, Joseu Pellot, Osvaldo Budet, Melvin Martinez, Jason Mena, Dzine, Nelson Figueroa, Aby Ruiz, Admin Torre, Jonathan Torres, Sebastian Vallejo, Michael Linares, Jose Ortiz, Fabian Detres, Patrick McGrath, Juni Figueroa, Rogelio Baez, La Pandilla, Brain Rivera, Fernando Pintado, Bobby Cruz, Ivan Girona, Ismo, Pun 18 and Myritza Castillo among others. This is becoming one of the best collections of art in Puero Rico. Besides young artisd and old Puertorican masters Dr. Jimenez also has international artists like Chris Ofili, Julie Heffernan, Sarah Crowner, Jeremy Coulliard, Antonia Gurkovska, Njideka Akunyili and a whole lot of young promising artists already making an impact in the major auction houses in the USA.

After our visit to Dr. Jimenez, we dropped by artists Nelson Figueroa's studio for a quick visit and showed him the exhibition and then we loaded everything up and headed back to San Juan. We had a small mechanical problem pn our way back which pushed pur arriving time back an hour. We got stranded in Caguas at a gas station but after we let the Ttuck rest he finished up the job and got us back home safely... at 11:00 pm

Enjoy the photos and thanks for the on going support.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects limited edition silkscreens - Brian Rivera - "Tyson"


This is the inagural print of our forthcoming series of original silkscreen from a different artists every month. This is July's 2011 print.

The artist is Brian Rivera. He is currently working towards his masters degree in architecture at Arizona State University. He graduated from the Escuela de Artes Plasticas in Old San Juan major in Graphic Design and a minor degree in paintng.

This print is from his series "Speeches of Shame". This work is titled "Tyson" after notorious and infamous ex-world heavyweigth champion Iron Mike Tyson. Tyson was one of the most controversial figures on the 1990's. He was loved by fans and feared by his opponents. Tyson had his share of problems outside the ring and in this series Brian Rivera explores the explotation of the media and idolization of a human being and their fall from grace, which most times ends up with a public apology or speech, therefore a "Speech of Shame" where this public figure must stand in front of the world and publicly admit (humiliating himself during the process) his wrong doing and his reasons.

The silkscreen is a 2 color print. One color shows the actual speech used by the public figure in his press conference. The other color shows part of the speech in another color which creates a shade of an iconic photograph of that public figure that anyone will recognize when seen from a distance.

Other works from the series "Speeches of Shame" include: Tonya Harding, Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Richard Nixon. Kobe Bryant and Bill Clinton.

Trailer Park Proyects Prints edition will be limited to 50, hand printed, hand signed in pencil and with the Trailer Park Proyects embroised logo on white hevay stock paper. These 50 will be sold on a first come first serve basis. To secure yours every month, you can join our personal sponsorship program where you commit to buy the print monthly, no matter the artists. You will pay $50 as regular cost and you will receive a silkscreen monthly from a different artist. I will ensure you receive the same serial number of the monthly print, this way you can have the same number each month a build a serial number collection.

Contact me if you would like to join the Personal Sponsorship Program. Paypal only Please.

Enjoy the Print...

For more info on the edition prints, visit out website or like us on Facebook: Trailer Park Proyects.
Follow us on Twitter: @Trailerparkproj

Check out the 30 new drawings by Bubu for the current exhibition...

After a successful outing in the Trailer, we have delivered the purchased pieces to the respective collectors. This means that there were empty spaces on the exhibition which have now been filled with brand new drawings of Bubu Negron's Low Budget Series.

Check out the new 30 drawings by Bubu in our Facebook page. Please follow this link:!/media/set/?set=a.175415312525386.43061.150461748354076

Here is a sample of 2 of the new works.