Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TPP @ Artejangueo in El Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico - Thursday, January 24th at 7:00pm

This Thursday January 24th at 7:00pm, TPP will be participating in the second Artejangueo at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. This is an iniciative to mix the young crowd and create new collectors and art lovers for the future generations.

This project goes hand in hand with Trailer Park Proyects mission in the art scene and we are happy to be part of this great event.

We will be presenting works in the range of $20-$150 from artists Omar Velazquez, Roberto Marquez, Gerardo Cloquell (ESCO) from el Corografico, Rafael Miranda and Gabriela Nieves who is currently studying in Valencia, Spain.

Artist Jorge Rito Cordero will be at the event as well as Omar, Gerardo and Rafa Miranda to meet the new breed of collectors and start creating a base for future collectors and future projects in the art scene.

I believe the entrance is $20 and open bar but I'm not completely sure, Please call the Museum for more information.

See you there.

Scope Miami 2012 - Our week at the Fair

After attending merge art fair in Washington, we were invited to participate in Scope Miami Art Fair 2012. It was a very tough call because Art Fair circuits are really expensive and even though the publicity and the extensive number of new people who you meet and see the works of your artists is overwhelming, there are budgets within the parameters of a business.

In this case since Trailer Park Proyects is a small alternative gallery where what we offer to the public are works under $500 at the exhibitions; it is very tough to get the funds to participate in events like these. The Scope selecting committee liked all of our artists and initially invited our artists Rafael Miranda, Melvin Martinez, Jason Mena, Karlo Ibarra, Omar Velazquez and Manuel Rodriguez to participate in the 2012 Scope Art Fair. After a couple of portfolios sold we built to be able to get funds from our collectors and sponsors and a few setbacks, we collected the money and of we went to represent Puerto Rico in the Fair. We also exhibited works from Michael Scoggins, Bobby Cruz, Nelson Figueroa, Ivan Girona and Anthony Giannini after the opening of the fair.

I want to personally thank collectors and friends who believe in the project, the artist and in me for supporting us in being able to make it there. Rolando Jiménez, Ignacio Cortes, John Belk, José Hernández Castrodad, Emilio Juncosa, Nilda Pico, Tito Feliciano, Waldemar Fabery, Lee Cardona and Ishi Rodríguez, thank you again because without your support we would have not made it there.

After getting there we were welcomed to collectors Emilio Juncosa’s home to stay there as a courtesy for 3 days while the hotel’s week kicked in. We had a really great time and I might add that Mr. Juncosa’s collection of Puerto Rico’s top masters is amazing. His home was beautiful and his hospitality more than anyone would think of.

Scope started and we were busy right off the bat, lots of artists and random people came by the booth and the reaction to the works was really good. Our neighbors were White Walls Gallery from San Francisco, Baang and Burne from New York and Carol Jazzar from Miami. All had great artwork and really nice people who were always willing to help out, I suggest you look them up and learn more about their spaces.

We sold works to collectors from Puerto Rico, New York, Florida, Washington and some other random places which is awesome. Knowing we are selling art to different places with different art scenes makes me confident we are headed in the correct direction.

We loved our time there and although the work was killer, I hope we can make it back next year and represent Puerto Rico and our art scene again. We still have 1 portfolio which will help us cover some of the expenses from the trip. It includes original works from Rafael Miranda, Bobby Cruz, Jason Mena, Manuel Rodriguez and Karlo Ibarra. If interested please email me and I will send you potos of the Works of the last portfolio.

Hope to see you soon. Thanks for the support. Here are some photos for you guys.