Thursday, December 29, 2011

Melvin Martinez's The Material - El Material de Melvin Martinez

Given the distinctive love for art that make people feel and gives you that satisfaction of wanting more, we have identified it as an addictive drug.  Most collectors buy pieces and given that the size of their homes and summer homes will not be able to fit all these works anywhere, but still, they keep buying because it gives them that feeling (high) which people get by owning something you want or in this case need.

El Material translates into The Material which is what drugs are called in the streets; these are sold at el Punto which coincidently translates to The Street corner which is the place where people go to buy drugs in a specific bad neighborhood location. This exhibition will show the correlation between art collecting and drug addiction. International renowned artist Melvin Martinez, who is known for the use of glitter in his paintings, will supply a limited edition of drug baggies filled with green (weed), white (cocaine) and yellow (heroin) glitter which is the recurrent and material the artist uses in his works and is known for.
You will have the opportunity to buy “Nickel Bags” which usually contain the desired “drug” at the market price of the drug at the moment which is $6. TPP management and fellow artists will be selling the $6 baggies at different exhibitions or hangout places at all time for a limited time to help carry out the project as a whole. The seller of the $6 baggie will get to keep $1 profit from the sale of each bag he sells as it is in real life.

There will also be a drug dealer delivery service, where collectors can call in and request for the dealer to deliver the “drug” to their house. There will be a minimum quantity to buy if you want it delivered to your home or office. This is a special premium service for exclusive and more discreet clients and the prices of the merchandise have an additional cost for the delivery.

Martinez will be known as the main supplier or drug lord and he will have different dealers who will carry around with them nickel bags of his works at all times for 2 months. The bags will labeled with artist Melvin Martinez logo and will be limited to 250 bags of each drug. The dealer will receive his share of the commission for the sale of each bag which is $1 per bag.  This will give an opportunity to everyone to buy this drug and as real life anyone can get it whether you are a homeless bum or the president of the biggest bank.

Collectors will have the chance to buy a brick which is basically buying in large quantities where usually this buyer divides the large supply in smaller quantities or decks for distribution and resell it to an end user for a bigger profit. The cocaine bricks will be limited to 10. These will come with a certificate of authenticity from Trailer Park Proyects and hand signed and numbered by the artist.

There will also be a limited edition of 3 briefcases which will contain various kilos of cocaine kilos. They will come in a hard case briefcase with Melvin Martinez Logo in glitter.  These will be available through the gallery and will come with a certificate of authenticity from Trailer Park Proyects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to score a great piece of art from a world renowned artist at a ridiculous low affordable price. The time has come for everyone and anyone to own an original work by one of our most beloved and respected young artist Melvin Martinez. Remember there are limited quantities of each baggie so make sure to get yours while supplies last.

Friday, December 2, 2011

October 2011 - Limited Edition Print by Rafael J. Miranda - La bola es redonda y viene en cajita cuadra

This month artist Rafael Miranda which is represented by Trailer Park Proyects and is also one of our master printmakers, presenst us with his work titled "La bola es redonda y viene en cajita cuadra".

This is a very well know saying in the baseball world. This phrase can also be applied to real life. It suggests different possibilities and strategies one can apply to in sports as well in life that halp us deal and reinvent ourselves in difficult times like these. The edition has 4 color variations which includes green, blue, red and yellow. This making the print a little more political by choosing the colors of the different political parties in the Island and the yellow which represents any new party that will be present on election day.

This makes a reference that we all have choices but no matter who wins we all lose because all politicians are the same and will look out for their jobs and salaries and won't care what happens to the people they should be representing and working for.

The silkscreen done with 2 colors each, has a very ingenious design where the typography of the letter make out the image of a small box with a circle which represents the square box and the round baseball referred to in the title.

don't miss out on this great print and get yours today. Only 50 are available and each one is signed and numbered individually by the artist.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

TPP @ Loiz-A-rte Community Art and Music Festival - Jason Mena "On the Move"

This past Friday November 18th, TPP participated with Jason Mena's solo exhibition "On the Move" at the fisrt Art and Music Festival Loiz-A-rte. This event was an iniciative of 5 students from the University of Puerto Rico whom got together and created the event as part of a class project. Their mission is to create a community event for the people at Calle Loiza and bring them all together through art and music. Congratulations to all of them for preparing this event and setting up everything from scratch.

This event is a result of the great effort that is being done in the Santurce area which consecuently is one of the area with the highest criminal rate. Alexis Bousquets has been producing the event Santurce es Ley for the past 2 years and it has become one if not the most impontant local community festival in the Island and with the event Loiz-A-rte we can see it's motivating a new wave of people to start doing the same for different communities.

TPP supported the event by presenting Jason Mena's solo show "On the Move" as part of our mission to take art to events where people of all ages can enjoy it. Jason was at the event explaining his work to the people and hanging out with other fellow artists.

Galeria Yemaya also presented works by Aby Ruiz which is the current exhibition going on at their space.

Friday, November 4, 2011

TPP September Limited Edition Silkscreen by Radames Juni Figueroa

Well finally the September print of Trailer Park Proyects is ready. We had a bit of a delay in all the production due to the fact that my wife gave birth and I had to take a few days off to regroup one of the other set-backs was that Omar Velazquez the silkscreen printer had a few exhibition and had to finish a couple of works and time passes faster than we think. Either way this is our third official print and we hope you enjoy it.

This is the third official print designed by internationally known artist Radames Juni Figueroa. This month’s silkscreen print retakes the tradition of using this medium as a means of advertising as they did in DIVEDCO (Division para la Educacion de la Comunidad) they called it the Cartel. This was the way the Government announced cultural activities sponsored by the government for the entertainment of the masses. This has been used since the mid 1940 in Puerto Rico and lasted until the early 2000. Now this kind of propaganda is what we now call posters which they paste up all around the Island to advertise concerts and other events.

Juni Figueroa took the opportunity of his turn for the Trailer Park Proyects print to pay tribute and homage to that group of artist that used art to educate people and promote culture. Such artists as Jack and Irene Delano, Lorenzo Homar, Rafael Tufino, Tony Maldonado, Isabel Bernal, Manuel Hernandez Acevedo Luis Maldonado, Nelson Sambolin y Antonio Martorell among others. The book El Cartel from author Teresa Tio is a great guide to print making in Puerto Rico and has a great number of examples as well as the history and importance of the Cartel.

This print titled La Loseta, commemorates the year in review of alternative exhibition space La Loseta which is run by Juni Figueroa himself. This project which will only run for a year has been exhibiting works by different international and local artists like Adriana Lara, Esther Planas, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Jose Vera Matos and Bubu Negron. For more information you can visit their website in addition to the hommage and artist list, Figueroa has placed one of his famous drawings of his made up creatures.

Don’t miss out on this homage to the Cartel and buy yours now. They are only $50 and are numbered and signed by the artist.

Jason Mena is "On the Move" Solo Exhibition at Trailer Park Proyects

Today we will be wxhibiting at Art and Muscia Fextival Loiz-A-rte in Loiza Street in Santurce since 5:00m. Free music and family envinronment. Don't miss out this great event.

In On the Move emerging artist Jason Mena shows us over 60 different photographs taken during the past years while being ‘on the move’ from country to country exhibiting his work. The photographs are experimental process-based pieces taken by the artist during his international travels while wandering the city by foot; capturing the objects, actions and situations that provoked his curiosity. It is the artistic process that most artists never get to show and most people never have the chance to see; images that provide us with a privileged and highly personal insight into the creative mind of the artist.

Since these photographs do not have a specific methodology and were not developed as part of a series, it is very difficult to exhibit them in a conventional setting. For this reason, these works were selected to be shown at Trailer Park Proyects. TPP is also on the move, making it the ideal environment for this type of work.

Mena is quickly becoming the next great artist to come out of Puerto Rico. His non-stop work ethic and constant search for an increasingly impressive new series is affording him the opportunities to thrive within the international art scene. This might be the last chance you have to acquire Mena’s work at a reasonable price.

· Constantly traveling around the world for shows, residencies and projects, Mena’s artistic career has recently taken off. He has exhibited his work at ARCO (Madrid, Spain) and ZONA MACO (Mexico City, Mexico), and had a solo exhibition at Galeria Luis Adelantado in Valencia, Spain. Selected exhibitions and residencies include: Luis Adelantado Mexico Inaugual Exhibition,“We have as much time as it takes,” Wattis Institute, San Francisco, California, “Foto Imagen” the Biennale of Photography, Dominican Republic, “SF Tropical” at Queens Nails Projects, San Francisco, California,

Residency at Hotel Charleroi, Belgium and Residency at Centro ADM, Mexico DF.

For more information on Jason Mena’s work visit his website

Upcoming exhibitions:

· Solo Exhibition at Galleria Eventinove – Torino, Italy

· Solo Exhibition at Luis Adelantado – Mexico

· Artist in Residency at Area Lugar de Proyectos – Caguas, Puerto Rico

Photos of the works that will be exhibited will be posted on our Facebook Page: Trailer Park Proyects. Go to our photos section and look for Jason Mena - On the Move.

Most of the exhibited photos will be edition of 3, signed and numbered by the artist. Size of all photos is 8"x12". Price will be $300 framed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today in El Vocero write up of Jason Mena's new exhibition at TPP titled On the Move

Today's El Vocero published a write up of our current exhibition On the Move by artist Jason Mena. Page 7 of the Habitat section November 3rd. Pick up a copy and ready this great article.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TPP @ the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC)

On November the 2nd TPP assited and participated at the opening reception of the exhibition Foto MAC at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico. We will be exhibiting Jason Mena's new exhibition On the Move where there will be over 40 photos in small format of his works.

Thanks to director of the Museum Marianne Ramirez who invited us to participate at this importnant exhibition and to the Museum staff. The Museum is currently exhibiting acclaimed and famed photographer David Lachappel's retrospective which is awesome.

Collector Otto Reyes
Collector Jose Hernandez Castrodad
Collector Victor Tomassini
Curator Lilliam Ramos
Director of the MAC Marianne Ramirez

Don't miss the oportunity to see 3 great exhibitions in one night and one place. Thanks for the invitation to participate at this great opening and to all collectors, curators and everyone for stoping by to see the exhibition.

Congratualtions to the winner of Foto MAC, Herminio Rodriguez artists that was featured in TPP last exhibition. For more information on some of his works you can email me.

Prices are set at $300 for a signed photo edition of 3. All photos are 8"x12" and framed by our sponsor Osviarte.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects @ Om's Studio Grand Opening, City View Plaza Guaynabo

This past Friday, TPP presented the new exhibition "On the Move" of one of our most importnant young photographers Jason Mena @ Om's Studio Grand Opening at City View Plaza in Guaynabo.

The night was full of surprises and art driven performances including magicians, a performance by theatrical powerhouse Y no habia luz as well as exhibitions by new comer photographer Wilmary and an installation by artist Lisette Lugo. There was also a kapoeira performance as well as the grand closing by Orquesta El Macabeo. It was a great night where the underground art scene said present as they always di in support of Laura Om's activities as she is part of the scene and a strong supporter of the young up coming artist.

Trailer was stationed in the main lobby entrance and there was so many people that at one point there was a line to come see the artwork on the Trailer.

Trailer Park Proyects will be attending the opening of Photo MAC at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico. Museum Director Marianne Ramirez was kind enough to invite us for the inaguration night of the exhibition as we are currently exhibiting one of the most promising young photographers on the Island Jason Mena. Perfect fit for a dual exhibition so you can enjoy 3 photo exhibitions in one day. Dave Lachapelle amazing work, Foto MAC and On the Move.

See you there Wednesday, November 2 at 7:00pm. See you there.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

1st Chocolate Cortes Kids Cinema Nights - Screening Finding Nemo

As part of our commitment to the community, Trailer Park Proyects is presenting: Chocolate Cortes Kids Cinema Nights on our Trailer. TPP along with our sponsor, created this monthly event where we will be screening children movies free of cost and supplying free pop corn and Choco Frio milk chocolate to all attendees.

Everyone is welcome at these monthly events. We will post the movie schedule on the site so you can plan the trip with time and come down to hang out with your family at no cost. Movies will begin at 7:00pm sharp and will be finishing around 9:00pm since they will be on Wednesdays for now.

Today we screened Finding Nemo and around 10 kids with their parents came to see the film bonding as a family for a couple of hours.

This was truly a great event which we are proud to be producing helping the community get closer and for the importance of having families bond as a unit. Thanks to our sponsor for providing the supplies and supporting our project.  This event will help communities become more solid and will provide families make together time which will help improve family values.

Here are a couple of photos of the activity, enjoy:

To see more photos of the event visit this link on our facebook page:!/media/set/?set=a.217683911631859.52593.150461748354076&type=1

Stay tunned for our next Chocolate Cortes Kids Movie Night at the website for times and selected movies...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Newspaper article on Omar Velazquez september limited edition silkscreen.

Check out today's El Vocero newspaper (Oct. 13, 2011). The write up on our September limited edition silkscreen "reina del Miedo" by Omar Velazquez was featured on page 2 of the Habitat section. Make sure you get yours for only $50.

Monday, September 19, 2011

And the winner of the Low Budget Series Drawing by Bubu Negron is...

The winner is... MARISA GOMEZ.

Please email me so you can tell me which one you want. There have been a couple sold so email me a list of your 5 favorites in order of preference.

Thanks to everyone


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects @ Santurce es Lay 3. September 17, 2011

Last Night TPP participated in the Mega event Santurce es Ley 3. This has now become the event of the year. Among 15 open Galleries, Alternative Spaces and Museums and with the support of the Municipality of San Juan this was bar non the event of the year so far.

Trailer Park Proyects presented for the last time the individual exhibition Low Budget by artist Jesus Bubu Negron. Over 600 walked in and visited TPP. It was great to see people not involved in the art scene directly asking and learning about our young artists.

Over 100 people bought tickets for the drawing where TPP will raffle an Original Drawing of their choice by the exhibiting artists Bubu Negron who was present at the event talking and meeting spectators. The winner will be announced tomorrow through Facebook page, Twitter and the official website.

Street Artist Aslan painted one of the sides of the Trailer Park Truck and the other side was painted by artist EKC4 and Bex 1 local graffiti legends. Thanks to them for showing the love and support to Trailer Park.

Trailer Park Proyects also presented the new local hip-hop sensation Jazz Bandana. The crowd was impressed with his performance which included pyros and other props including a sculpture of the head of puppet La Comay with blood on a plate just as the puppet presented the severed head of a murdered person at her prime time TV programming for the whole Family???? This is a boycott and a social critic on this malicious person who keeps polluting the minds of our people and our kids. Jazz Bandana finalized his performance with his new single "Tatuajes" and he got marked (tatooed) while singing the song on stage in front of the live audience. Representing.

TPP would like to congratulate everyone who made this great event possible specially to the organizer Alexis Bousquets and we are looking forward to next year and bringin you more cool projects that everyone can enjoy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Little situation going on with our Trailer...

Due to a mechanical problem with our Trailer, the physical structure of our Trailer will not be present at the photo installation "El caserio de afuera dentro" but we are still promoting the proyect and it is part of our exhibition roster. When the Trailer is fixed we will let you know so we can bring it to Herminio Rodriguez's studio and fullfill our presence at the exhibition.

Tried to rent one form a truck rental company but non were available in the 3 stores of Hato Rey, Catano or Carolina. Curator and writer Bianca Ortiz-Declet will be helping out at the exhibition and showing the work in case someone needs any help or explanation about the project.

Sorry for the inconvenience and I can tell you we are just as bummed out about this as anyone. Months prepering the exhibition and then the unexpected happens.

The exhibition is still opening at 11:00am and will run until 2:00pm as planned.

Hope to see you there. Don't miss this awesome exhibition.

El Vocero published a write up on our next exhibition El Caserio de afuera adentro by Herminio Rodriguez

We are proud to annunce that the newspaper El Vocero covered our most recent exhibition "El caserio de afuera adentro" a photo-installation by Herminio Rodriguez on page 5 in the Habitat section. They have been covering the art scene and publishing constantly. Article was written by Bianca Ortiz-Declet.

Lateat New Drawings (September 14) of Low Budget Series by Jesus Bubu Negron

Just to let you know, Bubu Negron will be exhibiting at Santurce es Ley 3 his exhibition Low Budget Series.

TPP will also be selling raffle tickets for the drawing of one original drawing by Bubu Negron. Tickets will be sold at the Trailer in Santurce es Ley 3. Cost per ticket is $1. less than previously stated. By as many as you want.

Please visit our Facebook page under Trailer Park Proyects for photos of the new drawings.!/media/set/?set=a.175415312525386.43061.150461748354076

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Herminio Rodriguez - El Caserio de afuera adentro - Solo exhibition - One Day Show Sept. 17, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects Presents: "El Caserio de Afuera Adentro" (The “Caserio” outside on the inside.)

A solo show by artist Herminio Rodriguez. One day show support on September 17, 2011 from 11:00am - 2:00pm only. Dont miss it. For directions call 787-565-0744. Address is Avenida Borinquen  2328 in Barrio Obrero near El Punete del Cano de Martin Pena.

The Trailer Park Proyects presents Herminio Rodriguez new installation exhibition titled “El Caserio de Afuera Adentro” where he will project the “Caserio” Fray Bartolome de las Casas (Public Housing Projects) in Barrio Obrero, Santurce.  The installation consists turning his studio into a huge “dark camera” where we will be able to see the “Caserio” (located right in front of the studio) projected upside down inside his studio.

“Caserios” which are better known in the US as “housing projects” or “favelas” in Brazil have been constantly growing to a point where we see one in every corner. This installation will provoke in us a feeling of being invaded everywhere by these public housing projects and make us understand that whether we like it or not, they are part of our daily lives and we have “Caserios” around us at all time.

The vision of Luis Munoz Marin ex-governor of Puerto Rico was to erect a public housing project right besides the wealthy and higher income housing in order to make people of all social classes live together in harmony. This was a failed utopic ideal which has created a sense of isolation within the middle income and the wealthy from the less fortunate citizens where they have had the need to build fences with barbwire and controlled access to prevent and lower the crime incidence in their living area.

Now the Island is filled with public projects all over has created a sense of fear and lack of personal space for the middle and high income population. As criminality rises consistently every year and corruption reports against the police and government become more common, the sense of security within the working people has absolutely disappeared.

“El Caserio de afuera adentro” is an installation where although it makes you feel like caserios are everywhere, it has a sense of security attached to it where it can be accept it without feeling insecure of being in danger of the social-economic situation the Island has been going through. It’s a feel good artwork where the working class is invading their space, because usually working class people will not go into a public housing project for fear of being robbed or killed.

This is a social critic work that aspires for this fears and elitism to disappear and promote harmony within all social classes. Also, it calls out on the criminal rise on the Island to a point where we feel insecure even in our own homes. Hopefully the crime incidence will be addressed by the police force and better measurements for security for the people will be implemented in order to assure a better way of living and we can progress and grow united as a country.

Exhibition will open on Satrurday September 17 from 11:00am – 2:00pm and will be available to see by appointment until September 30. Trailer Park Proyects will only be participating on opening day but will continue to cover and monitor this outstanding installation project.

See you there.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jazz Bandana live performance and new video presentation

Today Thursday September 8th. Local hip-hop artists Jazz Bandana performed at Trailer Park Proyects headquarters in Rio Piedras. With a no budget-budget for the launching of his new video, TPP's Jorge Rito Cordero opened the Trailer with Bubu Negron's Low Budget exhibtion going on and Jazz Bandana used theTrailer as the main stage and before a crowd of over 80 people, Bandana began his live performance at around 10:30pm.

Skateboarder and MC, Chagy Vargas also performed and exhibited his skateboarding videos and a community service video for young kids that shows the importnace of skateboarding and sports to school kids.

Don't miss Jazz Banadana's next performance at Santurce es Ley 3 this Saturday (might be canceled due to the latest hurracaine wathc for tropical storm Maria). Jazz Bandana will perform and have a choreographed and fully loaded stage for his first major presentation at SEL3 and don't forget to buy the new CD at TPP at $10. Remember to get your autograph on ou CD.

Don't forget to come by.

 The Stage and set up
 Still of the new Video
 The young crowd looking at the exhibition

August's Limited Edition Silkscreen available NOW!

Omar Velazquez – Reina del Miedo (Queen of Fear)

For the month of August Omar Velazquez is the artist in charge of the limited edition print. The print titled “Reina del Miedo” is an individual work where the narrative focuses on the idolizing of a puppet called La Comay, that has kept the attention of masses through numerous years on TV, the program based on gossip and sensationalist news. It has been the top rated TV show in the Island for over a decade.

In this work Velazquez shows the main character as the iconic figure as idolized by the people. The puppet has a moth for a head connoting that the puppet is an insect which is a word associated in our culture by despicable person that either rats on people or just betray his friends on some level. The image has a small crowd of people raising this figure in the air as if it was some kind of God which is a metaphor for the people’s love for this figure. The people in the original image are actually carrying a casket on the way to the cemetery to be buried, which represents the decay of our culture and society as a whole.

It is a very powerful image and strong social critic towards the people and the priorities we have as a society. Velazquez work has mostly been of social thematic speaking for the less fortunate and giving them a voice over the years. This is no exception only here he is not speaking for the less fortunate but for the whole Island and their lack of role models to look up to.
Remember this is a limited edition silkscreen of only 50. It's priced at only $50 so everyone can have a fair chance to buy real art at a accessible price. Only 40 left. Call us or email us for more informatin on our limited edition prints

Omar Velazquez graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts and printing. He was a finalist in all 3 editions of Oriental Group Arte Joven Contest and is currently exhibiting a solo show at the Taller Vivo experimental showroom in the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. For more information on his works please visit his website to learn more about his current and past works.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trailer Park Proyects at Santurce es Ley 3

This september 10th, Trailer Park Proyects will be participating in the event Santurce es Ley 3. It will be the closing of the Low Budget Series by Bubu Negron. We will be parked in the main area. Look for us and get your $100 drawing before it too late. Check out our Facebook page so you can see the available drawings and reserve yours today.

We will be doing a raffel for one Bubu Negron drawing of the Low Budget Series at the event. Tickets will be at $3 each and the drawing will take place at Santurce es Ley and winner must be present at the time of the drawing to collect the prize.
The winner will have his choice of selection of the drawing from the exhibition. Visit the Trailer so you know which one you like. You can buy multiple tickets so let me ask you this: Do you feel lucky, punk?

For more information on Santurce es Ley 3 check out the local newspaper and the webpage here you can see the set list and the participating galleries, artists and projects that will be happening.

See you there.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Special Offer from our Sponsor OSVIARTE to frame TPP Prints

Our Sponsor OSVIARTE, located in Ave. Emiliano Pol #270 (Near the Interamerican University in Cupey) has agreed to give all Trailer Park Proyects supporters a special fixed price on the framing our Trailer Park Proyects limited edition prints. The total price including IVU will be $30 when paid cash.

This will inclued the framing with glass and a small matboard. It will be a pre-selected wood frame. You can always upgrade the framing for a small additional cost.

Call today 787-731-1072 ask for Irma and make an appointment to get your Trailer Park Proyects print framed today.

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Article on newspaper El Vocero

Today August 19, 2011 local newspaper El Vocero published an article featuring this months slikscreen limited edition print by artist Brian Rivera. Article is located on page 7 of the Habititat supplement seccion. If you already own this print, go buy a copy and keep the page as documentation for your print.

If you have not bought the print, email us and get one today. They are only $50 each and limited to 50 prints.