Activity Schedule 2012-2013

MAY 2013
30 Arte Jangueo at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico - Starting at 7:00pm. $25 non members, $20 members, open bar as well as moving galleries and food trucks.

9 TPP will show Nicole Maloof solo exhibition at Roberto Paradise joining opening of Jonathan Torres' new works. 7:00pm

8 TPP will be @ Loiza 2050 Pizza Place supporting a collective exhibition of female artists only. 7:00pm

4-5 TPP @ Feria de Arte y Diseno in La Galeria Nacional from 9:30am until 6:00pm. GuggenSITO will be exhibited at the event.

2 GuggenSITO @ Rio Piedras Mural House in Avenida Universidad strating at 10:00am

1 - Eder Castillo - Conference on GuggenSITO and his carrer at Escuela de Artes Plasticas in San Juan at 11:00am

APRIL 2013

27-28 GuggenSITO @ Skate Contest in Aguadilla brought to you by Patinetero

27 TPP Chicago - Rafael Miranda solo exhibition at IPRAC

3-5 Santurce es Ley 4 - Art and Music Festival. Sponsoring Jazz Bandana.

MARCH 2013

27 - TPP Chicago - opening exhibition at IPRAC, Jorge Rito Cordero - 10 anos de tanteo en el arte


Feria de Arte y Diseno - Galeria Nacional during San Sebastian

4-7 (E)merge Art Fair in Washington DC (Exhibiting Artists are Omar Velazquez, Karlo Ibarra and Manuel Rodriguez)

4-11 TPP will be parking the trailer besides some of the graffiti artists that will be participating at the event Las Paredes Hablan

12 - La Campechada - TPP will be parked at Calle San Sebastian and San Jose right in front of La Tortuga. We will be exhibiting Anthony Giannini's exhibition "Sun and Bones Below"
13 - Conference Puerto Rico: Escena de Arte y Movimiento del Arte Contemporaneo
 At the MAC - Participating Panelists include: Alexis Figueroa, Francisco Rovira, Beto Torrens, Alexis Busquests, Bianca Ortiz, Sabrina Ramos, Abdiel Segarra, Jaime Oller, Rafael Disdier, Antonio Castro


24 - Tim Bergstrom (Artist in Residence) - Lecture at Escuela de Artes Plasticas at 11:00am (Coordinated by Erick French and Adrain Rivera)

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