Our History

Trailer Park Proyects inaugurated on June 2011. TPP is an alternative exhibition space where young artists can show their works.

We have various goals and missions:

1. To help young new artist exhibit fresh works and promote the environment of exhibiting art for what an artist wants to express and not what a Gallerist wants to sell.

2. Create new collectors for the future. We currently have a $500 maximum price per piece limit. All works shown must be under the $500 budget. This limit was created so no one is intimidated by the perception that art is expensive and can't be afforded. As a young collector myself, I rarely asked prices at shows because I knew I could not afford anything. This is a way of getting a new group of people to acquire works and support the art scene as well as grow with it.

3. We want to create a community environment in Barrio Blondet in Rio Piedras where our stationary trailer is set. This to teach kids about arts and culture and providing them with a place where they can enjoy things they would not normally see. We created the Chocolate Cortes Kids Cinema Nights so the whole family can come and enjoy a free family movie with free pop corn and chocolate Cortes and come together as a family and as a community.

4. We also have created a Inidie Movie Night and DVD Concert Series. Once a month we will show a DVD movie concert or a Indie Movie or Documentary so we can show movies that are actually worth watching. No blockbusters here but artsy intelligent films. This to educate and show people that there are great movies being made that don't require great actors or visual effects to be life changing. Movies shown will be from different countries.

5. Local movie nights - This will be a series of screenings of Puerto Rico produced or filmed movies. Our goal is to show what has been done and help kids understand that they can also do it with little or no budget. All films: documentaries, short films, animated, feature films and anything having to do with the local movie industry. We are aiming to bring the producers and people involved in the different movies so they can talk about the process of doing the film.

6. Trailer Park Proyects International residency program. This will be an international invitational program where we will search for different artists around the world and bring them for 2 weeks or a month so they can work in Puerto Rico and have a solo exhibition afterward with the works created in the Island. Invited artists will interact with local artists and work together exchanging cultural views and help them incorporate different points of views of different cultures in their respective works.

7. Bring back the Print tradition - In the 1950-1980's - Puerto Rico was known for our printmaking workshops. Lorenzo Homar was known around the world for his prints. This art form has been declining for years and there are no workshops left. We are going to produce a print of a different artist every month. They will be an edition numbered to 50 priced at $50 so anyone can have good art from good artists. All prints will be signed and numbered. Size will be 18"x 24" and all will come with a certificate of authenticity and the Trailer Park Proyects embodied stamp.

10. Shows with invited Curators - As curators do have a hard work and there is slim to none open spaces where they can build a resume of exhibitions, TPP is offering the stationary trailer for curated shows. The curator will take a 10% cut of the sales of the show, this way we can push them to make better shows and search for the best artists for them to make a living. Curating in Puerto Rico is basically a non-paying job and we intend to change that. We are delighted to have the young curators work and use our space as prep ground for their careers in the art world. They are required to do a write up of the show in English and Spanish as part of their job. When the right person sponsors this shows they will help publish a printed catalogue of the show for documentation.

9. There is a need for personalized service and we are going to fill it. Galleries and spaces have been closing due to the economic crisis we are living in. Collectors attendance to shows has been declining steadily for the past years. We are going to bring the Gallery to the collectors houses and offices so they can see the exhibits in a comfort zone for them without having to make it an outing. All of us are usually tired at the end of a work day and getting home and take a bath and preparing to go out where criminality is rampant is kind of a bummer. We understand this and created a route to go visit the mecenas to their own place so they feel comfortable and at ease when seeing the exhibitions.

10. Trailer Park Proyects want to help the young crop of art students in the Island and we are dedicating a week of stops to the major art schools in the Island so teachers as well as students can enjoy the different artists and works we are exhibiting. This will help them see what is going on outside in the International scene and help them get ideas and a different view of art and artists. Stops will include the University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras), Universidad del Sagrado Corazon and Escuela de Artes Plasticas de San Juan.

11. One of our main goals is to go show our local art in different countries and art fairs so all around the world they can enjoy and understand our art and artists. We are aiming to young fairs and established fairs. There are a lot of great artists in the Island marginalized by the Insularism and the lack of support by our government has most stranded without possibility of showing their works outside of PR. we need to show the world we have the greatest artist in the world and we are going to do it with Trailer Park Proyects.

Trailer Park Proyects will continue to work towards being the top alternative space in Puerto Rico.