TPP Limited Edition Silkscreens Print Project

Every month TPP produces a limited edition silkscreen by a young emerging artist. Edition is limited to 50 and signed and numbered by the artist. There are an additional 25 silkscreens called Sponsorship Proofs that will be handed out to the TPP sponsors.

You can buy our prints at Tostado in the outer corner of Universidad Sagrado Corazon and at Executive Manolo right in front of La Central High in Santucre walking distance from the Bellas Artes Building.
All prints will be proiced at $50. You can email me at or buy them through ebay. First come first serve. You could also become a personal sponsor of TPP by commiting to buy a print every month. You buy an edition number and all your prints will have the same serial number. for example, all you silkscreen editions will be numbered 23/50 no matter the artist you get that number just for commiting your $50 monthly.

July 2011 - Brian Rivera - Tyson

August 2011 - Omar Velazquez - La Reina del Miedo

September 2011 - Radame Juni Figueroa - La Loseta

October 2011 - Rafael J. Miranda - La bola es redonda y viene en cajita cuadra

November 2011 - Bobby Cruz - Puerto Rico #1 Jersey

December 2011 - Karlo Ibarra - Cohiben

January 2012 - Stencil Network - Untitled

February 2012 - Jesus Bubu Negron - Zona de Tiroteo

March 2012 - RIMX - Caradura

April 2012 - Nelson Figueroa - The End of the Road

May 2012 - Ismo - Air Jordan-Ismo

June 2012 - Aby Ruiz - Agua al Cuello

July 2012 - Sebastian Vallejo - Estar vivo es un Peligro

August 2012 - Jonathan Torres - Kiss Me

September 2012 - Eder Castillo - Special Fund Rasing Print.

October 2012 - Nepo

February 2021 - ESCO