Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TPP @ Santurce es Ley 4 - Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday the 7th

Announcing that TPP will be participating as usual at Santurce es Ley independent artist festival produced by my collegue and friend Alexis Bousquets aka Clandestino director of C787 Studios.

This year he has taken this festival to a whole new level. Starting by making it a 3 day event. 2 at Cerra street and closing at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico on Sunday.

Murals have been painted by over 20 artists including internationals D*Face, vhils and Pixel Pancho which have been the talk of the town and my favorite project so far Semilla Urbana where artist Fabian Rey took an abandoned lot filled with rocks, and trash and turned it into a agricultural heaven for the community planting trees and plants that will give food to the community. among the trees plantes are mango, chinas, acerolas, carmabola, papaya, cafe and other, come by to see it develop as it will be a intervention that will take a while to become a reality, all depending on the community's love to the place.

We will be present at the event right besides the main stage and will exhibit a collective show of one work of all artists that have exhibited at TPP since it started. It's my way of saying thanks for supporting my project and my vision for the art scene. I truly appreciate working with artists of your caliber and look forward to working with you for years to come.

also we are part sponsor of our artist Jazz Bandana who will perform once again at this event. Make sure to be at the show as he is coming with new stuff and will kill it. Also watch out for artist Alfonso Simonpietri.

I will publish the complete list of artists that will be exhibited tomorrow in our FB page, Twitter and Instagram. Artist Karla Wozniak whom is currently showing her work will have a bigger space and more of her works. She visited us last week for the opening and we are really excited to show her awesome work.

See you during the weekend.

Thanks for everything to all of you, without you there would be no TPP.