Monday, July 8, 2013

TPP Presents: Philip Hinge's "Hive Minded"

This month TPP is proud to present Philip Hinge's first solo show in Puerto Rico titled "Hive Minded". The show consists of twenty, twelve-inch by sixteen-inch canvases, all done in acrylic. The paintings fluctuate between representation and abstraction, depicting a variety of scenes and moments. Some of the images deal with monumental shapes and patterns i.e. pyramids and the cosmos, while others deal with smaller more familiar scenarios such as domestic still lives and landscapes.


Hinge's paintings deal with paint as content and image as associative material, playing with the area between picture making and painting. "I think about my painting in terms of micro/macro. I consider the experience of looking at a painting as a depiction of an image as well as a culmination of strokes and colors". The paintings in "Hive-Minded"  make connections between disparate subjects to exploit the visual relationships between them.

Philip Hinge is a Richmond, Virginia based artist currently pursuing his MFA at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Hinge has previously shown in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Jersey City and Richmond. He has been featured in New American Paintings (issues #100 and #105) and is a part of D.C. based gallery, CONNERSMITH's *gogo emerging artists.

All paintings will be priced at $250. Make sure to take advantage of this great price for these amazing works of art. You can see the photos of the works in pur facebook page in the photyo album titled Philip Hinge "Hive Minded".

The exhibition will be taken around the usual places, for more information please on when and where we are going to be taking the Trailer Gallery please follow us on twitter @trailerparkproj, Instagram @Trailerparkproj or like our facebook page Trailer Park Proyects.