Saturday, July 30, 2011

Low Budget Series - Solo Exhibition by Bubu Negron

We are now showing the exhibition by international artists Jesus Bubu Negron.

This is a moving exhibition in our moving Trailer. We will be visiting different collectors to their houses or office so they can just come down for a few minutes and see the show. No need to go home, eat, change and then think about going out to see a show. We bring the exhibition to them on wheels.

We already visited some collectors and the response was awesome. They were really happy to see the show and purchased a couple of the exhibited works. We got a 3/4 page in the newspaper El Vocero talking about the artist and his career. You can see the article written by Bianca Ortiz-Declet in our Facebook page. Like us and be the first to know of our future exhibition and projects.

The works are priced at $100 each original drawing or a lot of 12 for $1,000. The idea is to collect a few drawings preferably a dozen an make your own Bubu Negron installation for a really low price. Not bad for an original drawing of an artists with such a great CV. He's exhibited in Art Basel and the 2006 Whitney Bienal.

Negron was recently included in the contemporay artist auction of Christie's in Holland were they auctioned off one of his famous Colillones.
If you would like to see the exhibition you can contact me and make an appointment to come see it in our Rio Piedras headquarters.

We will close this exhibition out on September at Santurce es Ley 3.
Feel free to drop by so you don't miss this great show.

You can see the photos of the available drawings in our Facebook Page: Trailer Park Proyects - photo section or follow this link:!/media/set/?set=a.175415312525386.43061.150461748354076&type=1