Sunday, May 7, 2023

Trailer Park Proyects Presents: 2 Trailer, 2 Artists, 2 Solo Exhibitions - Pedro Velez and Alejandro "Saki" Sacarello


TTP is excited to announce that after a small hiatus we are coming back strong with two simultaneous solo shows in 2 trailers located at the Distrito T-Mobile adjacent to the Puerto Rico Convention Center. Pedro Velez and Saki Sacarello will each have up their individual shows. We will have 2 Trailers set up face to face at the entrance of Distrito T-Mobile (Toro Verde Entrance).


 "Jardín Secreto" - Solo Exhibition Pedro Velez

 Pedro Velez will have his first solo show titled: “Jardín Secreto”, His first solo show since 2020 when he presented “Emotional Hurricanes, Political Earthquakes, Quiet Protests, Neurotic Tweets” at Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas. Velez has just been awarded a NALAC fund for the arts grant to produce art in Isabela, Puerto Rico. He has a BA from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico and received his MFA at SAIC in 1999. Velez was included in the Whitney Biennial 2014, and the historical survey Net Art Anthology organized by Rhizome in 2019. In 2022 he was awarded a Kone Foundation Grant. Currently he is participating in “Arrivals and Departures: Migratory experience in Contemporary Puerto Rican art”, curated by Laura Bravo, at CUNY’s HEH Gallery in New York.

His work has always been controversial. Corruption, partisan politics, injustice, coercion and morality have been recurring themes in his work. In recent years his new body of paintings have been directly influenced by Pre Raphaelite collection of El Museo de Ponce and they encapsulate how our intimacy is disrupted and influenced by our identity, cultural heritage, political and digital selves. 



Dreaming the Dream - Solo Exhibition Alejandro Saki Sacarello

Alejandro "Saki" Sacarello presents his first solo show titled: "Dreaming the Dream". Sacarello graduated form the Escuela de Artes Plasticas in San Juan, PR. Soon after he developed his own alternative space named Amor Fuego (@tuamoryofuego) where he exhibited some of todays top latin american up and comers like Kivan Quinones, Emma Rivera, Angel Borroto, Alberto Zayas Montilla, Armig Santos to name a few.

Sacarellos works have always been fun and enjoyable as he presents us with typographical works that contain words or phrases that relate to our everyday life with thougths and ideas a lot of us have but never say out loud. The sarcastic and satirical undertone makes the works funny but more importantly they make you stop and think about the text inlayed in the canvas. As Sacarello has grown, I've seen his works mature with him. He just recently became a first time father. He brought life to earth and also lost someone really important in his life as well, which sparked an existensialism thought process that he has incorporated in his new works created for his show.



We hope you can all come and see these pop up shows that will be open to everyone on May 26-28 at Distrito T-Mobile.

See you there.