TPP Residency Program

We are proud to announce that TPP will be begining our residency program for international artists in 2012. As part of our mission we are promoting a cultural exchange and cross exhibitions with different countries exhibiting affordable art for everyone.

Our goal is to have an international artist come to Puerto Rico for a month to meet, interact and exchange ideas with some of our local artist so they can cooperate in public projects or collective shows throughout the stay, This way influencing each other works.
The selected resident artist will be given travel expense, lodging accommodations and a few extra bucks to get by during the stay. This artist will work and at the end of the residency will have a solo exhibition of the pieces he creates while in the Island.
This solo exhibition will be at one of Trailer Park Proyects venues or at one of the galleries that support the scene and the project.
Criteria to be considered for the Residency Program:

1.      Must have been born outside of Puerto Rico and must not live in the Island.
2.      Must be 45 years old or younger.
3.      Enrolled at an MFA Program or completed an MFA
4.      Must have at least 1 solo exhibition
5.      If artist has a gallery contract, TPP requires a written permission form gallery owner to be able to approved.

Remember this program is in its first steps. Selected artist will exchange on of the works created in the Island to the sponsor of this program whom is putting the money upfront for the expenses in the program to be covered beforehand. Work must be equal in value to the $2,000.
A panel of collectors, critics, artists, Gallery owners and other art related professionals will review the portfolios and select via voting. Members of the voting committee are (Not all member will be active in the selection, depends on their availability):
1.      Dr. Rolando Jimenez – Collector and Sponsor of TPP
2.      Ignacio Cortes – Collector and Sponsor of TPP
3.      John Belk – Collector and Sponsor of TPP
4.      Jorge Rito Cordero – Artists and co-founder of TPP
5.      Alexis Figueroa – Director and co-founder of TPP
6.      Beto Torrens – Artist and Gallery Owner (Galeria Yemaya)
7.      Francisco “Tito” Rovira – Collector and Gallery Owner (Roberto Paradise Gallery)
8.      Melvin Martinez – Artist
9.      Alejandro Alfonso – Owner/Editor Latin-American Art Magazine and Sponsor of TPP
10.  Osvaldo Santiago – Owner Osviarte Framing Shop and Sponsor of TPP

Please submit the following information to and  to be considered for TPP Residency Program:
1.      Website or blog
2.      Updated CV
3.      5 photos of your works
4.      Letter of recommendation form gallery owner, art critic, art professor or some other professional in the art industry .
Deadline for the 2013 Residency Program will be on March 30, 2013.

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