Friday, March 10, 2023

TPP Silkscreens to become part of the permanent collections of the Major Museums in Puerto Rico

Trailer Park Proyects has donated the silkscreen portfolios from our TPP Prints Project to the permanent collection of all major Museums in Puerto Rico:
1. Museum of the University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras) and the director Flavia Marichal
2. Museum of the University of Puerto Rico (Cayey) with Mariel QuiƱones and director Humberto Figueroa
3. Museo de Arte y Diseno de Miramar and director Marilu Purcel.
4. Museo de arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) with director Marta Mabel Perez.
5. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC) with director Marianne Ramirez

This donation will help preserve these artworks as well as have them documented available for the use of the current and future generations. The works will become part of the institutions permanent collections and will be available to be presented in future exhibitions as well as the images being used for any publication of these institutions.

Trailer Park Proyects will donate one of each silkscreen each time we produce one to these institutions on this ongoing portfolio and mission to mantain the tradition of carteles and graphics in Puerto Rico. So far we have released 13 prints and we will be releasing 4 more in the up coming months.