Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ready for Scope Miami 2012

We are almost ready to depart to Miami Beach to participate in Scope Art Fair 2012.

After our participation in (E)merge Art Fair this October, we got an invite to Scope and after contributions from collectors and artists we will be able to make it. We have been assigned booth A05 at the Fair and we will be showing works from artists Melvin Martinez, Jason Mena, Omar Velazquez, Karlo Ibarra, Manuel Rodriguez, Rafael Miranda, Michael Scoggins, Aby Ruiz, Nelson Figueroa, Bobby Cruz and Ivan Girona. The booth is located in the 3rd booth after the main entrance on the right side.

Trailer Park Proyects would like to thank all the artists that are participating and collectors Rolando Jimenez, Ignacio Cortes, John Belk, Nilda Pico, Emilio Juncosa, Tito Feliciano, Waldemar Fabery, Lee Cardona and Ishi Rodriguez for their unconditional support to our project and their on going support of our artists.

We will set up on Sunday, Decmber the 2nd and be ready for the VIP opening on December the 4th.
Official fair opening for the general public will be on December the 6th.

Here are a few examples works from the artists we will exhibit, hope you love it as much as we do.

Hope to see you at Scope.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Max Razdow's Dusk Drawings's opening at parking of Roberto Paradise Gallery

This past Thursday Nov. 8th, just 2 days after the Island finished a really long political campaign, TPP presented the new exhibition of Max Razdow at the parking patio of Roberto Paradise Gallery in Santurce. The exhibition had 18 total drawings and a cat paw magic wand clay sculpture on display.

Max and his wife Kari flew down for the opening and to get away from Sandy the Storm and stayed in Puerto Rico for a short vacation.

We also had live music by up and coming original group La Bean. They delighted us with 2 half hour sets  of original music and rearranged covers that fitted their musical style. This loungy music help prepare the cool breeze night along with some cases of Medalla Beer that sponsored the activity as well as natural yougurt Organica which is the company of a young collector and friend.

Bubu Negron was at the event doing his back portraits and lots of the people waited for their chance to get Bubu to draw their portrait.

All the guests were treated to a great night of Art, Music, Medalla, Drawings and Organica.

We would like to thank Roberto Paradise Gallery for supporting our project and the scene. We are lighting up Santurce with our monthly exhibitions and collaborations trying to bring the whole art scene together. Hope to see you at our next exhibition.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TPP Presents: Max Razdow" s Solo exhibition "Dusk Drawings"

Dusk Drawings

This next November 8th starting at 7;00pm, TPP presents "Dusk Drawings" a solo exhibition of artist Max Razdow. Our Trailer will be stationed in the parking of Galería Roberto Paradise at Calle Hipódromo #610 in Santurce. Live Music will be by La Bean, underground scene band who is currently promoting their first CD release. Artist Jesus "Bubu" Negron will be doing his famous back-portraits for only $20 (per figure). 
“Dusk Drawings” introduces a new set of drafted constellations, devised in half light over the last two years by New York artist Max Razdow. The show is based on a series of eight immediate pen drawings on folded paper, which were made by Razdow while camping on Saint John’s Island in 2011. Particularly evident in these works is a collapse of the natural and interior world, proposing a hybridized human (becoming animals, plants) as participant and medium for the exchange.

The eight Saint John’s works are accompanied by larger color ink drawings, which present mysterious allegorical landscapes elaborating on these themes. “The Arrival of the Cat Mask” depicts a giant composed of machine parts and human appendages, holding out a cat’s mask as he plods into the lush foothills before an erupting volcano. In “Game Players,” a half metal pair of figures play out an epic drama on a digital chess board. The figures are observed by the eye of a looming and distant invertebrate that lurks in the inky space where they play their game. In “Shell Sky,” an island is depicted which warps the air in a spiral manner, transitioning space from complex forests of nested symbols, through a hermit’s transitory bay, and finally to an open ocean of churning regularity.

Also included in the show are the “Dusk Drawings” of the exhibition’s title. These are free-standing ink and metal leaf constructions on mounted paper, depicting double figures, each with an individual, poetic statement to make. Their poems are scrawled in sand as the figures gaze into the implied early night sky for the show’s newly authored astrologies. Further text, star maps and a cat’s paw sculpture are also included in the exhibition.

Razdow lives and works in NYC, he recieved his MFA from  NYU. He is represented by Gallery Jan Dhaese ( in Belgium and Freight and Volumen ( in NYC.This is his third solo show and his first time exhibiting in Puerto Rico. To learn more about his works you can visit his website (
You can LIKE our Facebook page and search for the photo folder named Max Razdow which contains all works in the exhibition.
See you Nov. 8th.

Monday, October 15, 2012

TPP @ La Campechada 2012

Thia past October 12-14, TPP participated in La Campechada, which is an art festival which takes place every year at Old San Juan. This festival is named after the first Puerto
Rican painter Jose Campeche but was dedicated to master impressionist painter Francisco Oller.

Collector and Sponsor of TPP, Sr. Cortes and Alexis Figueroa, director of TPP.
We participated in the 3 day festival showing Anthony Giannini's solo exhibition "Sun and Bones Below" as well as the on going series of back-portraits done by Jesus Bubu Negron for only $20 each. Negron has taken this concept and performed it at Venezuela and USA. TPP will definitively take this project to the next level and will be presenting Negron's drawing perfomance in each one of our openings and possibly to every Art Fair or art related activity we participate in.

TPP was also exhibiting our 12 produced limited edition silkscreen prints at Taller Achiote (Formerly known as Taller Bija, Print shop of Luis Alonso, Rafael Tufino, Tony Maldonado, Rafael Rivera Rosa and other masterprinters). The studio has now been turned into an artist studio for artists Rafael Miranda, Omar Velazquez, Aaron Salabarrias, Angel Cardona and Filipo Tirado. This is where all TPP prints are produced. Remember all prints are signed and numbered by the artist for only $50 each.

The works were framed courtesy of one of our sponsors Osviarte (787-731-1072) whom frames these prints to anyone who buys them at under $35 pero print.

La Campechada was a great opportunity to show the works to a different audience and let everyone enjoy the pleasure of fine art. Over 250 people of all ages passed throught the exhibition. We are proud to have been part of such a great and well organized event which helps cultirize people with our traditions and local artists and artisans. Performances, dancers, installations and different kinds of art for everyone. Local artists giving free lessons on paintings and engravings to everyone who wanted to learn and live models for everyone to draw at anytime.

Even Calle 13 was filming his new video of which TPP and myself were filmed. Hopefully we make the cut and end up in the video. Artist Bubu Negron and Omar Velazquez were also filmed as well as our friend Chente better known as Fico Fronte.

We can't wait for next year to participate in this great event and keep provinding people good artwork for them to see. See you next year.

TPP @ (E)merge Art Fair - October 4-7

This past October 4-7 TPP participated in (E)merge Art Fair in the Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington DC.

We presented works of artists Omar Velazquez whose work "Someday" got the first page of the Washington Post on Mark Jenkins article on the fair( as well as artist Manuel Rodriguez, Karlo Ibarra and Rafael Miranda.

Velazquez presented his works of the series that talk about the parking spaces and how they are separated in the streets. Velazquez also installed his shoes under the different curtains that made people believe there was someone hiding behind it. The piece titled "the Lover or El Chillo" was part of the tension breaker piece in the room along with some salas and rumba music we played during the exhibition hours.

Manuel Rodrigeuz presented some of his flying machine prototypes (Sculptures on boxes) and drawings. Karlo Ibarra presented his Ostriches works that represent the politicians all around the world. The works were very well ricieved in Washington during a campaign war between Romney and Obama. People laughed and responded very well to the whole series. Miranda presented an installation of abstract drawings with a the printmaking estethic and some graffiti elements into them, response was overwhelming but the biggest response from collectors was his response to Luccio Fontana's sliced paintings from the 50's. That got all the big collectors talking about it and created a good vibe for the weekend where people came in to see the works.

Another improvised piece was what the fair goers named the princess and the pea installation. The hotel would charge us $750 to take out all the furniture in the room for the show but as we are a realy small no budget project, we just couldn't afford it and we just stacked all the beds in the room on top of each other and made a big and tall bed. Every person that walked in wanted to try it and had to make that joke about the princess and the pea. It was fun having kids jumping in the bed.

Last but not least we made an improvissed hommage to one of our most important artist Felix Gonzalez Torres where we placed candy against the wall and gave it away. Anyone who asked we talked to about the FGT piece and showed the photos of the actual piece on the internet. It was a great way to teach new people about his importance and his works. Afterwards we were told there was a retrospective show of his at the National Gallery East Wing.

The reception of the works was completely incredible and over 800 watched our artist troughout the 4 days of the event. Within the notable collectors that visited the booth were Mare Rubell and Jason Rubell, their visit was very encouraging and their response to the works even more.

Other great stuff happened including visits from curator Laura Roulet, magazines Art Forum, Modern Painters and New American Paintings as well as local art legend Clark Fox.

Rafael Miranda's work was the thumbnail photos used as display for the New American Paintings blog:

We also recieved a visit from Scope Art Fair and an open invitation to participate in their prestigious art fair during the first week of December 2012. We are currently in talks to see if we will become part of the Scope roster with a small booth or if we are going to bring the Trailer and drive around all art fairs at Basel Miami.

Here are a few photos of the (E)merge Art Fair:







Friday, October 12, 2012

TPP @ La Campechada Oct 13-14.

TPP will be participating at the government run art related activity called La Campechada. This year the event is dediacted to artist Francisco Oller and will have live drawing and all the artist studios open to anyone.

TPP will be located (Hopefully) at Calle San Sebastian right besides La Tortuga Restaurant. Here we will be exhibiting anthony Giannini's solo show titled "Sun and Bones Below". We will also have in exhibition at the Achiote Printshop all our limited edition silkscreen which have been produced at this printshop.  Artist Rafael Miranda, Omar Velazquez and Filipo Tirado will show their personal works at their shared studio space.

As part of our schedule, artist Jesus "Bubu" Negron will be doing his famous Back Portraits for only $20 a piece. Don't miss the oportunity to own a personal drawing of yourself by Negron who is regarded as one of the most important artist in the contemporary scene.

Negron will be doing portraits starting at 11:00am approximately Saturday and Sunday. Approximate time of drawing is about 20 minutes per person so we might have a wating list. Leave your business card and we will call you when yournext in line for the drawing.

Hope to see you at La Campechada to honor one of the most important artists in Puerto Rican art history.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anthony Giannini's solo exihibition "Sun and Bones Below" at TPP

TPP is proud to present the new works of Anthony Giannini in the solo exhibition titled: “Sun and Bones Below” during the month of October. Giannini recently earned his MFA  in painting at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), received a grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation in 2009 while working as assistant  to renowned artist Julie Mehretu.
This body of work mixes patterning, lines and shape, against fields of static color. Armature contours suspend familiar figurative orientation, creating relationships between elements that suggest movement. Teetering between figure and ground, the works traverse the fault-line between representation and abstraction. Rather than creating from direct observation, Giannini creates work out of adverse photographic references that are loaded and open to lyrical interpretation.

Giannni will show 18 new mixed media works on paper (17"x22" approximately) that will be priced at $400 each. This is a great opportunity to get to know and purchase the works of a rising star. Giannini’s work ethic and strong powerful works are sure to make an impact in the international art scene in the not so distant future. These work contain stong political themes and are relevant to the worlds everlasting love of war.
As usual we will be traveling with the works to all the different art schools in the main colleges and universities of the metropolitan area including the University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras), Universidad del Sagrado Corazon and Escuela de Artes Plasticas de San Juan.

We will be participating in the event "Los Muros Hablan" where we will be driving on Thursday around the city of Santurce and stopping on all the walls/murals the artists are working on. We will be participating at La Campechada in El Viejo San Juan from Friday October 12th until Sunday the 14th. We will be spotted tentatively in Calle San Sebastian in front of La Tortuga. 

If you have any questions or would like to see the exhibition by appointment, please contact me at 787-409-6983 or by email at
Hope to see you in the Trailer.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TPP and Roberto Paradise Gallery presents: Summer Wheat, Tim Bergstrom and Melissa Brown individual shows; 3 exhibitions, 1 place.

Trailer Park Proyets is proud to be collaborating once again with Roberto Paradise Gallery to bring our art scene the best emerging artists this time in all exhibitions in one place so you can enjoy different works from different artist in one night.
     Sumer Wheat

   Tim Bergstrom

 Melissa Brown

Summer Wheat continues her September solo show at TPP with her exhibition titled “Purple Buff” our Artist in Residence Tim Bergstrom will be showing the works created during his stay in Puerto Rico and he will open the new exhibition wing of Roberto Paradise Gallery and finally for the first time in Puerto Rico artist Melissa Brown will be showing her work on the show titled “King’s Park”.

Hope to see you at the opening tomorrow starting at 7:00pm at Roberto Paradise Gallery located in Calle Hipodromo #610 in Santurce right next to the Central High and Centro de Bellas Artes. If you are coming and don’t know how to get there, feel free to call me at 787-409-6983.

Here are some photos of the opening: