Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TPP Presents: Madeleine Finley's first solo exhibition "Concave".

After a 6 months hiatus, Trailer Park Proyects is back and ready to continue bringing young emerging and established artists to the new breed of collectors making works available as usual for under the $500 budget.
This time we will do the opening of Madeleine's works in the parking lot of the newest art space in Puerto Rico called Matadero in charge of Jorge Fusaro. Gallery is working in the same line as TPP showing young contemporary artists. The Gallery is located in 919 Ave. Escorial suite 1, San Juan, PR. You can visit and like their Facebook Matadero Art and see the map on how you can get there. They will be opening "Nosotros, Los Otros" an exhibition of two great local artists Aby Ruiz and Admin Torres which promises to be a great show. SHOW OPENING NIGHT on FEBRUARY 6th at 7:00pm
This time we are presenting on her first solo exhibition, Washington based artist Madeleine Finley with her show titled "Concave". Finley got her BFA at the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) which has a long standing connection and tradition of Puertorican artists who come study abroad. Some of our most important contemporary artists have studied, Arnaldo Roche, Nathan Budoff, Angel Otero, Sebastian Vallejo, Manuel Rodriguez and currently working on his MFA is Omar Velazquez are some.
Finley will show 10 oil and oil stick drawings. The works on paper are about the interaction of color with a mundane subject. They’re rooted in the formal traditions of painting and drawing, and branch off into a more complex arrangement of colors and marks. The compositions are taken from hard, gritty, paintings of the 16th Century. The tone of the work is different in each individual piece, and is to be told through the expression of the marks. The works are preliminary ideas and drawings that later get turned into large, expressive,  Oil paintings.
If you want to learn more about Madeleine and her work be sure to visit her webpage www.madeleinefinley.com and follow her on Instagram @madeleinefinley sonyou can see what she is working on and her process.
If you want to see photos of whole exhibition, make sure to visit and like Trailer Park Proyects facebook page or our website www.trailerparkproyects.com you can also follow us on Insatagram and Twitter @trailerparkproj or for more information contact Alexis Figueroa at 787-409-6983.