Friday, August 31, 2012

Maja Ruznic's "Messengers" at the Universitiy of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras Campus)

Yesterday, August 30th TPP visited the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus as we usually do to exhibit Maja Ruznic's individual exhibition titled "Messengers". TPP took the opportunity of having this unscheduled stop to support the visit of one of Puerto Rico's leading and most important puertorican contemporay artists Jose Lerma (

Lerma spoke to a room packed of students about his career and works as well as the art scene and in general. The lecture was organized on short term notice by professor Nathan Budoff and school director Fernando Paes. Afterwards all the students as well as professors were invited to see Maja's show.

This is a great example of thing all art schools should be doing on a regular basis so local and international artists can talk to students about their experiences and careers.

Left to Right: Prof. Nathan Budoff, Artist Jorge Rito Cordero, Artist Jose Lerma, Curator Io Carrion, Prof. Fernando Paes 

Group of students visiting Maja's exhibition

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trailer Park Proyects present our new limited edition print by artist Aby Ruiz titled: “Agua hasta el Cuello”

This month Arecibo born artist Aby Ruiz has designed the TPP limited edition silkscreen (June). The print titled “Agua hasta el cuello” depicts the head of one of Ruiz’s well-known characters neck deep in water which is a metaphor for the current situation the people in Puerto Rico and other countries are facing on a daily basis.

Ruiz one again enlightens us with his sarcastic and ironic sense of dark humor where he uses his artwork to make show the observers some of the socioeconomically-political we are facing daily. The regular people are having a really hard time finding the money to keep up with the abuse of the government agencies and taxes they keep rising to stabilize the economy but at what cost. Working people are feeling the heat and that continuous sense of drowning and not seeing an escape to all the pressure from the bills and way of living.

This of course is a reflection on the local art scene where lots of young artists with enormous talent are struggling because of the economical downfall and the lack of initiative and help from the government which is treating the culture and arts as a secondary necessity. Ruiz left the Island on December 2011 but travels to the Island frequently and is very active in the local scene as he participates in collective shows around the Island and is eager to come back and see the Island emerge once again.

Aby a self-taught artist is very well respected among his colleagues and one of the people’s favorite artists for his direct approach and honest way of telling us the stories on his canvas. He has exhibited at the Museo de Arte de Caguas (MUAC), Museo de Arte e Historia de Arecibo, Galeria Yemaya, C787, Espacio La 15, Galeria 356 (closed) and Area Metro among others.

For more information on the artista and to see more of his Works please visit his website Remember this is a limited edition silkscreen print signed by the artist and numbered to 50. ONLY $50, get yours today.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Photos of opening of Maja Ruznic's solo show "Messengers"

As part of the inaguration of our newest trailer facility, TPP scheduled the original moving Trailer which featured Maja Ruznic's solo exhibition "Messengers". The show opened as part of the activities in our new headquarters in Rio Piedras alongside the solo show by artist Ivan Girona.

Over 250 students, critics, artists, art lovers and bloggers enjoyed Maja's works which has been very well recieved by the general public as well as collectors which supported and acquired more than half of the exhibited works in the opening night.

It was really great to have had the opening reception during the back to college initial weekend which lead to the highest turn out of attendees since Santurce es Ley 2.

Trailer Park Proyects will be visiting college campuses around the Metro Area during the month of August. Check the site for schedule. Exhibition will be up until August 31st. Call or email me for appointments.
Here are a few photographs of the activities the past August 9th in Rio Piedras.

Inagural Openning of New Trailer in Rio Piedras Headquartes

This past Thursday August 9th, TPP inagurated the new stationary trailer which is located at Barrio Blondet's Calle Balseiros # 65 in Rio Piedras right in front of El Refugio student bar and a block away from the University of Puerto Rico's Campus.

Ivan Girona presented his latest works in a show titled "Conglomeraciones Cinicas" and delighted us with over 20 new mixed media collages that were very well recived by the visitors. Over 250 people including, curators, collectors, bloggers/critics, art lovers and general public and studentswalked over to see the exhibition. I was certainly really impressed by the turn out and really had not expected this many people. It's really overwhelming seeing so many people and people who usually don't attend art related activities.

Hope you can come see this great exhibition but remember is by appointment only so you can contact me via email ( or call me at 787-409-6983 to coordinate a date and time. Show will run until August 30th.

Here are some photos of the event:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ivan Girona's "Conglomeraciones Cinicas" solo exhibition at TPP NEW Trailer Facilities in Rio Piedras

Trailer Park Proyects has the pleasure to invite you to Ivan Gironas solo exhibition after a three year hiatus.  Girona will present 20 mixed media collages of his pop culture, erotic/ pseudo -porno series. This show responds to his highly successful praised style of mixed media paintings on plexiglas that were exhibited as part of a solo show in Circa 2008 and which landed him in Amanda Coulson's best in show at Circa 2007.
Girona, who is well known for his surreal drawings and paintings, has integrated this surreal world and it will be present in these new works. These collages were worked on Mylar P (a translucent paper) which give the artist the liberty to work on the front and back of the surface,  giving him an additional dimension and space that give these art pieces a depth and perception characteristic of his style. His inclusion of his trademark surreal characters gives the works a feel of intergalactic advertising.

This series portrays the hypocritical double standard of advertising and that fine line between sensual/sexual advertising and pornography. The works contain magazine cut outs as well as adult magazine cut outs. This fusion will make you rethink the concept of marketing and will help you see the regular ads in a completely different light.

The works are powerful and his sarcastic sense of humor where he uses our pop culture icons like Marypily and J-lo amongst others to mock the way products are market holding to no avail the importance of the product or its usefulness, but enticing of the semi-naked model they place on the ads to get the attention of the consumers. Sex sells and it is a very, very strong selling point since the heyday.

The works will be priced in the $150-$500 range. The exhibition will be up form August the 9th until August 31 at Trailer Park Proyects new stationary trailer located at Barrio Blondet in Rio Piedras, walking distance from the UPR main gate.  Calle Balseiros #65 right besides local student dive bar El Refugio. Call me to make an appointment at 787-409-6983 or see the photos of the all the works in our Facebook Page.