Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TPP Present: "Murmuration" solo exhibition by Nathan Budoff

Trailer Park Proyects is proud to present artist’s Nathan Budoff latest solo exhibition titled “Murmuration”. Budoff who has a MFA in painting form the SAIC (Chicago Art Institute) and whom is currently teaching painting at the University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras), has been exhibiting actively in the past years with his amazing solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte de Caguas titled “Looking Up” along with curator Elsa Maria Melendez which was a very impressive museum show, a two man exhibition alongside Carlos Ruiz Valarino at Colburn Gallery at the University of Vermont and a solo show titled “Retrato” in Recinto Cerra Alternative space directed by sculptor Jaime Rodriguez Crespo which consisted in expanded drawings on paper with outlines along the walls in what to my opinion was one of the best shows of last year.


Budoff describes the works of the exhibition as an ongoing investigation on the patterns of nature and things constructed by human beings. He studies the trees and how they make up different forms and shapes both symmetrical and asymmetrical. Just like birds in the sky which suddenly disperse and disappear as they fly and how these patterns vanish in a split second in contrast and difference to the constructions and spaces where we build our homes and cities.

These drawings have a high margin of unpredictability because the drawings are not planned and they get the shape and composition along the way of the creation. The intense colors used are vital and unexpected in each work. All works get the elements randomly filling them as the drawing comes along with what felt natural and appropriate at the time. These are drawings created so everyone can see the world around us with a set of different eyes and from another perspective and inspiration.


All the works exhibited are mixed media drawings on paper sized 11”x 15” and will be priced at $350. The show will be traveling in the first week of April to the usual stops at Universidad de Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras) and la Escuela de Artes Plasticas in Old San Juan. Follow us on twitter for up to date schedules and follow us on Facebook to see all the works that will be shown and photos of the stops of Trailer Park Proyects.